Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Two months after the referendum and as I predicted we see the first snp splinter group flexing it’s muscles, I thought it would have happened sooner. Next door to Nicola’s coronation we saw the another meeting by the Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) ready to rumble now that they have lost and how long will it take before the new members realise that people like Swinney, Sturgeon, Constance, Matheson, Brown etc. are in essence apolitical?. A mixture of women in grey skirts and men in grey kilts, they would slip seamlessly in to any corporate or bank boardroom, this could be entertaining. It could be great fun, all those new members to win over plus all the many fundamentalists who were persuaded to toe the line and did so grudgingly only to see themselves beaten anyway, they have a score to settle with the leadership and their supporters who "sold the jerseys".  And what do they see now? An snp government and cabinet bristling with revolutionaries right?. What they see is an established snp leadership made up of gradualists and time servers armed now with membership of NATO, the British Monarchy and right wing policies to please the capitalist bosses. How many of the new members from God knows where are going to buy the tactics and policies which failed?, the clue is in the name ‘radical’.  

The snp government consists of the same people who crushed what I prefer to call ‘the real snp’ nut cases and head bangers for sure but commited to independence or, as they would have it ‘freedom’. This mob who are now licking their wounds and planning treason will not be willing to agree to the same old gradualist tactics that salmond and the right wing sold them, their promises failed and the big hairy bearded whisky sodden foul mouthed violent snp shock troops are bloody angry and the snp male shock troops are just as bad. I reckon there could be some internecine jiggery pokery ahead and “them that dies will be the lucky ones” (Long John Silver). At this stage I expect there to be a minimum of at least 2 snp parties on the go within 2 years, The snp liberation front for Scotland and The Scottish Liberation Front, just like Judea in Monty Python. Stand aside everyone the ferrets are entering the sack.   


Running Man said...

No comment on the leadership debate in your own party....or is that passing you by ? What about wee Johann ?

I believe a Labour MP called the RIC's meeting a collection of Trots....where do you sit on that slur Terry..

We know now that it your party who thats trying to hide their spots.

Pretend Labour in Scotland and Pretend Tories in England....

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Running Man said...Wednesday, November 26, 2014 10:55:00 am

"What about wee Johann ?"

What about wee alex? creeping away like a whipped dog, a wasted life.

"I believe a Labour MP called the RIC's meeting a collection of Trots"

Who said that then?, I believe that an snp MP called sturgeon a nonentity who would not survive without salmond pulling her strings but, I'm not saying who it was, you're useless at this aren't you?, ken?.

"We know now that it your party who thats trying to hide their spots"

Some people took the beating badly didn't they?.

Running Man said...

Quote "RICs aka Trot convention". was Michael McCann MP for East Kilbride...on his Twitter feed and was retweeted by hundreds.

Certainly he says he is a Labour man.....or do you deny this ? He is certainly a member of the GMB.

Who is taking a beating ? I'm laying out facts and you seem to be having difficulty dealing with it.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Running Man said...Wednesday, November 26, 2014 9:21:00 pm

I don't have twitter but you still plainly display that you do not know what you are talking about. Would you like to have a go at explaining what he meant by his reference to Trotsky?.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you Terry the Tartan Tory banker had no desire to win the referendum because it would lead to the demise of his party and the ruination of the nation. That's why when it looked like the SNP might win they gave up on the campaign. It was the biggest con ever with his keep the pound keep the Crown god bless the Queen etc. Why do you think the right wing rag has just given him an award.