Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Housing Stock Transfer

Renfrewshire tenants have just voted by a majority of 36 to remain with the council. We will now have to wait to see what happens next, we have said all along that there is no plan B. Perhaps Messrs. McCartney and Hogg and their fellow revolutionaries in the SSP will tell us, they conspicuously haven't told anyone what will happen following a no vote. I'm more than ever convinced that no matter what happens to the tenants, if they suffer terrible housing problems, these people will have no trouble sleeping at night, they will see this as a success, not for democracy, not for the tenants whom they despise ( they refer to them as the lumpen proletariat ) but because they have damaged Labour, that is why they exist. Those cheering the loudest will be the Private Landlords who have been gifted their future prosperity by the SS fools, they will sit and wait like capitalist parasites and watch more council houses being bought by people who don't want to risk large rent rises and the council struggles to bring the houses up to the required standard, there are some utterly shameful people out there and they treat ordinary working people with contempt and they even have the cheek to call themselves Socialists. Perhaps Hogg will see a gap in the council house sales market and, with his expertise at buying and selling council houses become an adviser, or, he could, as a long time voluntary member of a Housing Association advise people not to join one. But surely no one, even someone as Janus faced as Hogg would stoop that low ? 'do as I say not as I do' is Hogg's advice to those beneath him which, I suppose means all of us.

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