Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Here's how the USA gets it's political prisoners for Guantanamo. Just like the old Westerns they have a form of bounty hunters - they put up sums of reward money for the capture of terrorist suspects, criminals and thugs in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan abduct people from the streets and torture them until they make a confession. They are then handed to the Americans who then take them to their Cuban based concentration camp allowing the gangster Bush to tell his fellow 'Amurkins' about how he is fighting those 'turrist folks' 'those big guys with the beards' Bushwhacker Bush says " I'm lucky that our saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ is a fellow Amurkin and I will continue to smite these evil axis's folks with his help" says Dubya. Only 5% of Guantanamo victims were caught by American forces, the rest were sold to them at a minimum of 5,000 dollars, how sick is that ? how squalid ? how typically American. How embarrassing it must be to be American.

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