Thursday, September 28, 2006

Salmond Caught

Check this for a conversation :- Alex Salmond to Mike Russell - Mike I have decided that your new book needs changing and I've written about the bits I want changed or taken out.
Russell to Salmond - But Alex what about my integrity ?
A.S. do what I say or you won't be the candidate.
M.R. Surely the membership decide who will be candidates.
A.S. Don't make me repeat myself.
M.R. OK I'll do your bidding.
A.S. That's a good lad.
M.R. What about my suggestion of a flat tax where even big Sean Connery would pay the same as my butler, or cleaner I'm sure Sean would come back and stay here if we pleaded with him.
A.S. Nae problem laddie.
M.R. What about my suggestion re. co-operating with the Tories ?
A.S. Right on son., they're good wi money an profit.
M.R. How about my wheeze about the Scottish people having a veto over all Holyrood decisions, that way we could take the money and let them make the decisions, that way we don't get the blame.
A.S. Yer bang on with that one - now gie ma boots a wee lick before ye go !

Dear reader the above is of course tongue in cheek but make no mistake it's based on facts as revealed in the Sunday press, Salmond can, like old Joe Stalin make and break SNP careers as shown by his Freudian slip about Russell toeing the line or else he's out. He ( Salmond ) did advocate dealing with the Tories and he's also sanguine about the ultra right wing flat tax. He and his pathetic party have been rumbled again, the least said about the groveling Russell the better but he is, incredibly enough an ex SNP leadership contender, and, still regarded as one of their big hitters. How do you like the glimpse of Salmond the political gangster ? Remember also that the SSP are in bed with this lot.

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