Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Today’s Paisley Daily Express has a picture of SNP Cllrs. demonstrating against the proposed housing transfer, the SS have also been on this case for some time. The SS membership consists of the highest level of middle class activists of any party, they are also overwhelmingly home owners who have never done an honest days work in their lives. They continue to bray about privatising housing, and they know that’s not true but it’s all they’ve got, one of their activists Ian Hogg ( his name is now a byword for treachery ) is so keen on council housing that he personally has been involved in the buying and selling of two council houses in the past ! The SNP’s stance is nothing short of contemptible they made up their narrow minds a long time ago to oppose no matter what, I have been on the RHA Shadow Board since the beginning and I have gone to great lengths to try to understand the issues in order to do what I believe to be the right thing for our tenants. These two odious groups have the same thing in common, they are both willing to risk the future security and comfort of thousands of tenants for their own narrow political ends, that is an example of the utter contempt that they have for real working people. Ask yourselves why there is constant argument and debate in the Labour Party about this issue while the SNP and the SS all agree, is there not one dissenter ? This stinks of duplicity, they are a disgrace, I want people to make an informed decision and I recommend a yes !

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