Friday, September 22, 2006


This is topical with the Lib. Dems. And Ming ( the mediocre ) Campbell, They long for cheerful Charlie Kennedy who is cruelly displaying his superiority over old Ming at every opportunity, not difficult I hear you say. This party used to stand for something, they once had a ‘liberal tradition’ what happened to that party which once included famous Labour names like Foot and Benn. They are now like the old right wing Tories and they are a disgrace to their own history, old Ming can no longer hide his instinctive reactionary views, he was part of the Glasgow University group which included John Smith, Donald Dewar and Jimmy Gordon, all Labour stalwarts, young Ming weighed up his chances and decided with rat like cunning that he would not thrive in those shadows and decided to become a big fish in a mediocre small Liberal pool. Ming Campbell serves to remind us all that ambition can creep as well as soar.

WHAT ABOUT MY OWN PARTY’S AND THE COUNTRY’S LEADERSHIP - Well should he go or stay longer, I say go in the near future, for the good of party and country. The squabbling now going on is great for the gutter press but it doesn’t concern me much, it’s the biggest job of the lot and as such any senior Labour politician should want it, anyone within touching distance of the ‘greasy pole’ would hardly be worth their salt if they didn’t desire the job. We in the Labour Party have nothing to fear except fear itself, we have half a dozen or more excellent people in and out of cabinet who would cut a swathe through any opposition parties, I say let’s get the gloves off and have a proper robust election in full view of the public I would like to see it done at conference complete with hustings and big crowds, that would knock our opponents out flat. My choice would be Gordon Brown, Britain's best ever Chancellor and destined to be a great Prime Minister and World Statesman, as a party member for nearly forty years I have come to admire him and trust him implicitly, he’s a gut socialist and a Labour Party man to his fingertips so, go for it Gordon you have everything to gain for the country, the party and to fulfil your burning desire to serve and bring about a better society, here and in those places where people less fortunate than ourselves are suffering. Gordon Brown’s only flaw is Raith Rovers but we can all be afflicted by that kind of insanity at any time.

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