Thursday, October 12, 2006

Israel's Shame

Israel continues to dish out merciless collective punishment on the Palestinians while we, under America's malevolent gaze, stand by and wring our hands. First they drove them out of their homes and land " the old will die and the young will forget " so said the blood soaked war criminal David Ben Gurion who became the first Israeli Prime Minister, he was wrong of course and the young Palestinians will never forget, not as long as the Israeli Jack Boot continues to stamp on them. The West should treat Israel the same as we treated the Apartheid evil in South Africa, their abuse of the Palestinians is nothing short of genocide. The silence of the international Jewish community is shameful where are the protests ?


Anonymous said...


It is your party and your leader Blair, that support Israel and the USA in their near constant attacks on innocent women and children in Palestine.


PS.... from the lack of published comments, I can't imagine you've got the bollock to allow this one through..... It must run in the family.... your daughter desn't like adverse comments either.

Anonymous said...

I agree.No surprise there.
P.S.C.L.P.approved my motiom.
Yours, Big Me.