Friday, October 27, 2006

Gnat scribblers for freedom och aye the noo Jimmy

I've just been told about a web site run by some crowd who are having a go at me, they are of course Gnats and as you would expect absolutely dire and typical of the dreadful image which decent Scots. keep trying to shake off. When you read their stuff you are clearly reminded of their pact with the Tories which brought us the Thatcher years and the Tory/SNP coalition here in Paisley when wee braveheart Cllr. Jim Mitchell sold his so called principals for a convenership ( Paisley people still remember the shame ) As Groucho Marx said to Margaret Dumont "would you sleep with me if I paid you ?" she replied indignantly "what kind of woman do you think I am " " we already know what kind of woman you are " said Groucho "now we're haggling over your price" Ms. Dumont could have been the SNP's role model, what a bunch !

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