Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Where are they ? the intrepid pair ! the crusaders for justice have gone underground, the world waits with baited breath and pines for news of the much loved music hall entertainers Vassie & Martin. When you have been ejected by the truly awful SNP where can you go ? what can you say ? shunned by all decent people, they've gone from the concert hall to the end of the pier. Cast aside like an old worn out garment or an unwanted once faithful retainer, oh the cruelty ! the shame ! destined to wander in the wilderness like a broken down old pantomime horse, which one though is the horse's a--e and who will have the last horse's laugh. Why did it take the SNP all those years to clean them out how did Vassie survive with a suspension years ago when he was caught with the poison pen letters, how did the turgid, popinjay Martin survive as their candidate following repeated multiple gubbings ? the answer is in the SNP itself it is weak and rudderless. Salmond has also been gubbed many many times, he stood down and they still had to accept him back as leader, how embarrassing is that, in any other party he would be history. Anyway the missing Burgess and McLean of Renfrewshire politics are now the leader and deputy leader of their own party with a membership of two, I've heard though that lots of people still think that these two represent the true heart of the real SNP not the wishy washy backsliders led by the boay Mackay, they, it is being said have gone soft on independence, they've joined the 'parcel o rogues' oh their shame ! Bonny wee Scotland lies weeping while traitors like the Renfrewshire SNP have betrayed her but old Bill and Young Dick will never surrender they firmly believe that vaudeville will some day come back !

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