Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Thursday's full council meeting already has a depressingly familiar look. Unfortunately for you the Council Tax payer the Gnats are about to cost you plenty, again ! This time they ( the SNP )have seven motions to council so you can look forward to a session of approximately six hrs. with the bill of around £5/6,000 going to you from the SNP, don't you just love paying to let these nonentities show off like a bunch of weans? You might want to know that 6 of the 7 motions would also cost you the tax payer plenty if implemented, we in the Labour Group however intend to make sure that they don't succeed. You, dear reader should come along and watch their antics, then reflect on the fact that they want your vote.


RfS said...

As a Renfrewshire Council tax-payer can I ask you to detail the 7 proposals and what the votes were?

Can you then confirm that the Labour Group have never put forward 7 motions at the one time causing this kind of cost to the tax-payer.

And finally could you confirm that you think that motions put forward by elected memebers of the council for full debate are to be condemed. In which case can you tell us if you really believe in democracy?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

1/ Don't be so lazy look it up for yourself.

2/ Not as far as I know, look it up.

3/ Check up on their history and stop lying to yourself. You sound like a lost cause. This is our last contact. I have better things to do.