Wednesday, March 02, 2016


 Here is an excerpt for the SNP zealots to read from an article by political journalist Alex Massie ex SNP propagandist and cheer leader, in The Spectator March 1st. 2016 under the heading “The Truth About Trident is That No-one Cares About Trident”.
“The extent to which the public do not care about Trident is not as well-known as it should be. Consider the findings of a Daily Record poll published in January. A panel of 1,000 Scots were asked to rank 13 policy issues in order of their importance. Just 11 people put Trident top of the list and only 33 ranked it in their top three issues. Even a third of SNP supporters thought it the least important of the 13 issues listed for their consideration”.

It is also the case that the last time the SNP debated The House of Lords at conference the abolitionists won the vote by 1% .Hardly a ringing endorsement is it? More like a ‘definite maybe’ in fact.  

And right now we have hoaxer in chief Sturgeon doing the rounds telling anyone who will listen that she speaks for Scotland when she says that Scots. want to stay in Europe, a claim that is looking shakier by the day. She is in fact now frenetically backtracking on this insisting that she does not want the EU referendum to determine the way forward for independence which is of course her way of retracting another lie. How long will the deceived Scottish electorate put up with this unremitting duplicity? 

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