Friday, March 18, 2016


August 2015 and Yen Hongmei Jin, the SNP’s only Chinese councillor ‘Lochar ward on Dumfries and Galloway Council’ resigns over racism and bullying. SNP party officials did not take steps to shield her. She organised a Burns ‘the great internationalist’ night and was targeted by SNP members because she had no Scottish roots. A squalid offensive email sent to her apparently said “Bunch of arseholes – supposedly Scottish too”, “They can stick their (Burns) club right up their rectum” certainly sounds like the SNP doesn’t it.
This abuse and bullying was made known to the SNP’s Edinburgh headquarters it was ignored for 6 months, is it possible that Nicola Sturgeon knew nothing about this one as well? SNP members may well have thought ‘we will learn from this’, well fast forward to 4 days ago and you find this.

An SNP councillor has resigned over? Yes you’ve got it in one Bullying, and a cover up by SNP officials. College lecturer Marie Penman claimed that her complaints against senior figures in Kirkcaldy were taken no further. jealous and suspicious of her education and intelligence perhaps?.
Among those who were aware of this were Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh MP, now being investigated over a charity she was running , SNP MSP Shirley – Anne Somerville, SNP chief executive Peter Murrell and his wife one Nicola Sturgeon, perhaps she knew nothing about this one as well?.  Seven other Kircaldy branch office bearers have since resigned as well due to infighting which is going on. The branch has 1,400 members 30 of whom turn out for branch meetings! Maybe the 30 regular attendees simply won’t tell the other 1,370 branch members where and when the meetings are being held.   

Owen Jones asks Mhairi Black if she would rather see a socialist UK or an indy Scotland. She chooses the latter. She isn't a socialist, never was and will never be a socialist.
Mr. Cellophane John Swinnie absolutely mangled on Question Time from Dundee, SNP cry foul again.

Sturgeon humiliated by Andrew Neil and reduced to the old discredited moan of Neil “talking Scotland down”

Labour ahead in the polling for the Westminster elections. “It looks like the reports of our death are an exaggeration” To paraphrase Mark Twain.  

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