Thursday, November 29, 2012


It cheers me no end to learn that in these tough times when the word on everyone's lips is austerity that some folk can still manage to enjoy themselves and spend some money while doing so.
I refer not to a pop star, or a film star or a rich footballer , not even a Tory cabinet member. "Can you guess who it is yet?" as Rolf Harris used to say, it is none other than our own dear leader Alex (the spiv) Salmond and that is 'dear' as in expensive not 'dear' as in loved.

Figures released today by the snp Government who could stall their release no longer show that the wee shyster ran up a bill for his junket to London for the Olympics of approx £500,000 and following that we can add after today's figures something very close to the same sum again for his junket to America to see the Golf tournament, a million pound bill for you and me and other tax payers to pay for. We can always boast that our first minister has more expensive tastes than other Government leaders can't we? do we want to though? How much more do we not know about! There is a trip to California still not counted and a junket to Wimbledon likewise, make no mistake folks when champagne and caviar are about wee Eck displays rat like cunning and also the speed of a rat going up a roan pipe chasing a mouse.

I suspect that the biggest and most dishonest of his con tricks is none of those mentioned, consider if you will the case of "Mr. Salmond's Flying Circus" otherwise known as the "Holyrood Travelling Cabinet" A clever ruse by Eck to get the tax payer to pay for extensive snp campaign costs by calling it an extension of democracy. How much does it cost to take the Scottish Cabinet on the road, how many are in the concert party, where do they stay when on the road, how much to feed them, (remember wee Eck can eat £800 worth of grub provided by his London allowance when Parliament is in recess) how much for travel, clerks, secretaries, security, advisers, etc. etc. etc. all to show people what they can see by reaching out their hand in the comfort of their own living room and switching on the TV set.

This particular 'shakedown' of his allows Salmond to babble on about bringing democracy to the people while maintaining a high profile for him and his concert party at the expense of tax payers most of whom are not even supporters of the snp, in other words it is a Scandal and should be investigated, the Scottish people deserve better than this duplicitous charlatan leading the Government.


Cllr Terry Kelly said...


Robert Dickson said...

Just the most fleeting of visits to your atrocious, bile filled diatribe that passes for a blog, Terry.
In order to point out that it has not gone completely unnoticed that you are so devoid of the ability to argue a case and are living in such fear of rebuttal that you have gotten into the habit of waiting a couple of days to post replies on various threads at the Herald after you think them dead.
This may make you feel better about yourself and may even allow you to believe that you are fooling anyone into thinking that you have won the argument by having 'the last word' but you are mistaken.
All it actually does is confirm that you are devoid of any capability to argue a case, a point or do anything other than post rather tediously unfunny jibes at posters or politicians.
In all your 'contributions' to date you have not made one, just one single substantive constructive point.
Your posts consist of nothing but one line repetitious guff.
I notice that the moderator seems to work overtime with your efforts......unsurprisingly.
I can actually feel the waves of frustration emanating from you at being required to act in anything resembling a civilised manner towards other individuals.

Why not move to the Scotsman forum?
The idiocy, aggression, and stupidity on display there would be far more in tune with your limited abilities.
You must be sick of having your daft comments torn to shreds at the Herald, either by the moderators or by posters (I don't presume to include myself) far more able than yourself to articulate logical arguments and rebut the nonsense you spout?

In closing Terence, I am a lifelong socialist and trade unionist, but you and people like you are the reason I left the labour party.
You talk a good game as do all of your type when it comes to socialist buzzwords and support of all the 'right' causes and having read all the 'right' books but it is all-front I am afraid.
The reading list on your bio could not be more faux if a committee had written it.
I sincerely hope that real socialists can take back the labour party from 'ragged trousered' talking heads like you.....that talentless stairheed hairy Lamont and the Hampstead dinner party fake Milliband.

Rest assured that any reply to this comment will probably go unseen by myself as I would not wish to spend any more time on your hate filled, spluttering 'blog' and in your cybercompany' than is absolutely necessary.
If there is a plus point to this 'blog' it is that it allows you endless opportunities to become hoist by your own petard.
Oh....and since you own this 'blog' you get the last word!

Live long and prosper.

Billy Carlin said...

Oh Dear Terry! Still on your wee party political cult drivel. Funny we have all those Scottish MP's at Westminster doing nothing but interfere in English matters at a whopping cost of 35 million pounds per year not including the Scottish Office and the Scottish Lords and all you can do is carp over another party spending peanuts in comparison and if it had been your wee party political cult you would have been saying money well spent.

Funny your party just like the present Tory/Lib-Dem coalition are happy to give trillions of the poor-suffering tax-payers money to PRIVATE bankers for doing absolutely NOTHING but charge US for the priviledge of printing our OWN money. Then again ALL the parties are CONTROLLED by these same BANKERS and GLOBALISTS who keep you lot fighting over drivel whilst they steal everyones money and are bringing in their NEW WORLD ORDER - a One World Government with a One World Bank with a One World Currency all CONTROLLED and RUN by THEM.

Here is an excellent documentary about your American Hero Obama and who really pulls his strings just like they do here and everywhere else in the world. If you value your kids and family you had better wake up to what these people have in store for them and us all.

Actually the Twin Towers were not blown up or even hit by planes apart from the laws of physics all the evidence is in Dr Judy Woods court cases against the US Government and over 20 US Companies who put out lies with regard to 9/11 and in her book WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO? Of course if you do not look at the EVIDENCE then you have a cheek to comment on the subject.

Also I believe they landed on the moon because I have seen no evidence so far that says any different - again EVIDENCE - if someone shows me proof to the contrary then I will argue for the facts.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

“doing nothing but interfere in English matters”

You are either too stupid to understand or you are a liar. Matters discussed at Westminster are British Matters.

“ALL the parties are CONTROLLED by these same BANKERS and GLOBALISTS”

And the wee green men from Mars Billy don’t forget them.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Robert Dickson said..Friday, November 30, 2012 4:49:00 PM.
Deary deary me Robert I seem to have got under your skin. I wonder which one of my calculated razor sharp insults upset to you this time, it’s hard for me to tell as you are such an easy target. This time I am excused the pompous lecture and instead I get the aggressive and quite comical outburst, I will reassure readers at this point not to be too concerned as you are quite harmless.

Your accusation is rather far-fetched anyway and does not stand up to any investigation, it has in fact more than a hint of desperation about it. That’s not unusual though when we are dealing with the snp/separatist/cybernats, a group of knuckle dragging tartan Ukips who are getting more and more deranged the longer this referendum farce goes on. As far as winning arguments is concerned I tend to conclude that I have won the argument when the responses to my comments tend to be so over the top and sometimes a wee bit unhinged (which can be a bit worrying) that it is quite obvious that the responder has lost the argument, his temper and possibly his senses. In fact similar to the comment I'm answering now.

I know you don’t like your integrity to be challenged but at the risk of stirring up your terrible wrath I feel obliged to say that I do not believe some of the things you have said here, particularly the following “In closing Terence, I am a lifelong socialist and trade unionist” The socialist part is not believable and, “Rest assured that any reply to this comment will probably go unseen by myself” Having dealt with you before I don’t believe you are the kind of person to miss seeing yourself in print” Even in my Blog.

Billy Carlin said...

Oh Dear Terry! Still spouting drivel - the Scottish MP's at Westminster are interfering in English Education, Health etc etc etc and that is why the English people are getting more and more fed up with them.

And here is a Black ex-Democrat politician in an interview explaining how Obama and the Democrats are just puppets of the BANKERS and GLOBALISTS just like the Republicans for you to educate yourself :!

And here is an excellent UK online news sie revealing how ALL your parties are puppets of these same people and are DELIBERATELY bringing the country to it's knees for the benefit of them and NOT the people :

The wee green men comment just shows your ignorance of the FACTS and EVIDENCE of the subject of 9/11 and anything else in fact.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Billy said...
Saturday, December 01, 2012 11:33:00 PM

I will print your comment but, unless you stop repeating yourself and produce something new I will not be responding, I have indulged you enough.