Tuesday, November 28, 2006


DEC 5TH. 06 - Check this, the SNP are again refering to Elderslie ( the by - election ) as the birthplace of the mythical Wee Willie Wallace - the Kilmarnock SNP maintain he came from there, while the crazy Alex Neil SNP MSP said in the St. Andrew's day debate that out of Scotland's three great heroes Burns, Wallace and St Andrew, the saint was the only one who didn't come from Ayrshire. Is that the sound of white coats flapping in Renfrewshire SNP circles ? I reckon Wee Willie Winkie is far more likely to have been the real deal. The sad death recently of Labour Cllr. Jean Goldie has meant a by election in her beloved Elderslie, Jean held the seat for years and was greatly respected by everyone, except of course the SNP who over the years put out vicious leaflets about her, for her part Jean treated them ( the SNP ) with the contempt they deserved. That contempt it seems, is still valid, the SNP candidate once stood against Labour Cllr. John Hood and asked voters in Johnstone Castle not to vote for him because he didn't live in that ward, ( he is of course a Johnstone man ) She now lives in Howwood and is standing for election in Elderslie that qualifies as HYPOCRISY from the SNP so what's new ? They have been guilty of this in the past, their ex Cllr. the reviled Old Bill Martin stood in Glenburn and didn't even live in Renfrewshire he lived in Barrhead ! What has happened to old Bill ? I've heard he is now leader of his own party and the boay Vassie is his total membership, I knew these two were destined for great things, at least they still keep the tartan flag flying unlike the present SNP lot who are fainthearts and backsliders, they no longer talk about the 'I' word, what a bunch. People of Elderslie, Vote Labour and reject these hypocrites.

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