Thursday, November 16, 2006


The article below has three comments attached, I urge you all to read them, see for yourselves the level of our opponents, one other comment, again anonymous simply said 'kill the witch' which didn't print for some reason. Someone calling himself 'reactionary snob' complains at not being published, I've never, until today received anything from him. Anyway I'm beginning to realise that there are lots of these people out there who get involved in this type of thing, it's rather sad really, anyone writing filthy personal abuse is really to be pitied, particularly when they don't have the nerve to identify themselves. Now that I am more aware of these inadequates I intend to leave them to their own squalid little world, from today anyone who writes in that vain will be ignored. The rule is simple I.D. yourself or don't bother writing.


Rory Maxwell said...

Three points.

1 - I did not post anonymously, I never do. There was a link to my Blogger profile embedded in my name.

2 - It might go someway to improving the image problem you "socialists" have if you disabled your comment moderation and allowed free speech.

3 - I said "Burn the witch!"... I do so hate to be misquoted.

neil craig said...

Glad you don't approve of people spouting pure asbuse. Presumably "barking right wing nutter", said without being able to come up with anything David had said you were able to take on, isn't abusive but "incestuous sycophants" said of a large number of people, including myself, surely is.

Councillor Kelly (I assume your use of such an elevated title is intended to engender respect) I will decline to reply in kind. Should you ever wish to defend your views by actual discussion I will be happy to take you up.