Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Today, Nov. 14 th. 06 saw the arrival of another of those anonymous comments which I have reluctantly agreed to publish but they really are trying my patience, what are you afraid of ? the idea of attacking someone anonymously is complete anathema to me, what is the point of having opinions and hiding ? Anyway this writer suggests that I have described Mr. Farrer unfairly as a 'barking right nutter' I have spent some more time on his web and I'm not inclined to change my mind. He refers to people he disagrees with as 'scumbags' ( where did he go to school ? ) he regards The Telegraph' as not right wing enough to be considered a Conservative paper and points readers to a blog called 'Devils Kitchen' which he allows to do some of the more obvious dirty work from him. Anyway it's clear that some people out there are, in political terms, quite 'loosely wrapped' and I hope they will continue to read what I have to say but, if they can't find the courage to identify themselves they are not likely to get through, this latest weakling calls for the Internet to be used as a forum for serious political debate and then won't tell us who he is ! what's that all about ? so come on right wingers crawl out from under your stones. I urge everyone to read the comments attached to the article below called 'The far right' I'm happy to let readers judge these people for themselves.


Reactionary Snob said...


Farrer may well be a barking far right nutter but I'd rather you prove it rather than assert it.

Furthermore, from my reading of his blog, he is a libertarian. This may, under your defintion, and let's face it it is never given, be far right but I think you, and all the people reading know, that there is a substantive difference between a libertarian and the far right. You are slandering an individual to make a political point.

A libertarian, like Mr. Farrer, believes that the state should not intervene in our social lives and that it shouldn't intervene in our economic lives. They do not need to be well-off. The analysis you give here is weak in the extreme - rich people like it so it must be bad. Nonsense, sir, nonsense.

What is dangerous or disturbing about opposing Labour's continual encroachement of judicial independence? What is disturbing about preferring lower tax to an expanded and nefarious state?

So, what could you do?

1) Define what you mean by far right. Becuase we all know the connotations of those words.

2) Define what you think a libertarian is.

3) Show why they should be considered as one and the same.

Thank you, and kind regards

Reactionary Snob

Jackart said...

Goodness me, you socialists really are all the same.

Anyone who doesn't agree with you is a "dangerous right wing nutter".

Well you lot have royally screwed every country you have ever got your grubby idealogy on. Look at Scotland. 65% of GDP is state. No private enterprise and second-world (at best) health statistics. That is not the fault of "evil capitalists" who "exploit" the working class. It is the fault of socialists who have run the bloody pace for decades who try and socially engineer the population, but end up leaving them addicted to benefits. Meanwhile, anyone with any talent leaves.

We are left to watch and weep as you destroy the human spirit of your electorate, make a mess of the public services you affect to love and denegrate anything beautiful or sucessful to match your drab creed.

So, as a result, we righties call you names, because let's face it, you look like a child molester.

Reactionary Snob said...

Dear Sir,

Why was my blog post not allowed to be posted? I challenged you on a number of issues and I don't think I did so in an unfair or offensive manner.

Kind regards,

Reactionary Snob

Reactionary Snob said...

Dear Sir,

I'm sorry. I posted the comment about Farrer yesterday, and I thought that you had chosen not to publish.

Clearly, this was just a timing issue so please disregard my previous post.

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

He is now a member of UKIP - enough said!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

The coward 'anonymous' and UKIP ?
I'm beat! too clever for me.

Sir-C4' said...

the idea of attacking someone anonymously is complete anathema to me, what is the point of having opinions and hiding ?

I take it that you wish to abolish secret ballots as well. Call yourself a "progressive"?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

c4' none of this can hide the fact that you are an anonymous coward.