Saturday, May 29, 2010


19:00 Saturday night May 29th. 20 10 and as we settle down for a quiet evening watching TV or perhaps taking a stroll to the pub to meet friends, a flotilla of small ships carrying a collective cargo of 10 tons of equipment bravely approaches the beleaguered huge open prison holding 1.5 million prisoners known as the Gaza Strip. The ships carry nothing more dangerous than medicines, hospital equipment and baby’s nappies; these things are badly needed in Gaza where Arab life is held so cheaply by the Israeli occupiers, that is why the vast majority of people worldwide who know about this regard the Flotilla as an act of compassion and humanity; it is hard to believe that such a mission could present a problem to anyone but it does, It presents a problem to Israel and by association it’s shameful benefactor America.

You might wonder at why this could be a problem and when you do you should also consider that Israel regards it as a problem big enough to justify its intention to arrest; imprison and deport those on board; perhaps the baby’s nappies are dangerous. This of course becomes a no win situation for Israel in the long term, if they do stop the delivery of aid and arrest and imprison those on board they will look like cruel lunatics and if they let it in they will have to answer the questions about why this is happening in Gaza, either way the pressure on them will increase. What Israel can no longer avoid is the fact that these people are not terrorists or even enemies of Israel, they are humanitarian activists and they are harmless and the world knows that, many Israelis and Americans included. How much more patience will the rest of the world show Israel; stories abound this last week about the Israel Government offering to sell nuclear weapons to the South African Apartheid State which was run by Nazi sympathisers! Where do you begin to try to explain that? And; Mordechai Vanunu, a nuclear whistleblower, who spent 18 years in prison since he revealed existence of Israeli nuclear weapons, has been locked up again; his crime? Continuing to tell the world that Israel has illegal nuclear weapons!

The Obama Whitehouse is strangely quiet about this; they quite incredibly won’t comment on a defenceless and completely unarmed flotilla of boats that are under threat from Israel because they want to deliver humanitarian aid to a people who are in desperate need, why? Have you stopped to ask why? It’s because the American Jewish Lobby is extremely powerful and it has it’s boot on Obama’s neck that is why America still bankrolls Israel despite it’s crimes against humanity. That is why they have just given them millions more in military aid; history will record this along with many other shameful episodes as America and Israel’s shame.

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