Wednesday, May 05, 2010


When Groucho Marx asked the wonderful Margaret Dumont for a kiss she said no, when he offered her $5 she said “how dare you $5, what kind of woman do you think I am” to which replied “we have already established what kind of woman you are, we are now just haggling over the price”
Tomorrow, on general election day; Margaret Dumont will be played by the Liberal Democrats.

Whatever anyone says about politics I have always believed that it comes down to a fundamental choice between two philosophies; I have no idea how many political parties there are in the UK but I know how many basic causes there are and that is two.

Left or right; rich or poor; boss or worker; capitalist or socialist; progressive or regressive; privileged or underprivileged; working class or the rest; exploiters or exploited; sharers or hoarders; equality or inequality, choose your own but this is what it is all about. This is also why it’s between Labour and Tory; only one of these two will form the next Government, although political pacts are abhorrent to me I would always try to choose the lesser of two evils but, I will tell you what I think of the one that might finish up sitting with us anyway.
Generally speaking this is not a difficult choice; Tories, UKIP, National Front, BNP, all of that right wing little England or little Scotland mob are beneath contempt while Labour, Scottish Socialists, Respect, Solidarity, SWP, CPGB and the other 17 parties of the left which exist in the UK would be acceptable under severe circumstances.

That leaves the most unconscionable party of the lot the Liberal Democrats; the party which stands for nothing and believes in nothing save achieving power, the party with no political anchor or conscience whatsoever. If you look at the differences between the two tribes as it were that I describe above you will find lots of disagreements but; The Labour tribe and its associates if I may use that word would never join the Tory tribe; the disagreements are too deep and too fundamental. Could Michael Foot make common cause with Enoch Powell? could Norman Tebbit make common cause with Tony Benn”

Here is where the Lib. Dems. show their lack of basic decency and their naked opportunism; they would sit down and deal with any of them; they are prepared to form a coalition with Tony Benn and Michael foot and also form a coalition with Norman Tebbit and Enoch Powell. This becomes more than just a political matter it’s a matter of honesty and truth; put simply their support is up for sale to the highest bidder is that what you are prepared to vote for? Give me the good old “semi house trained polecat” Tebbit any time I at least know and loath him and he won’t try to lie to me.



Anonymous said...

Dear Nick
I know Kelly called you a snake-oil salesman, but will you please be my new best friend and keep me in power?

If you do, I'll give you Kelly's head on a platter.


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 08/05/10
I think that the behaviour of Clegg right now makes my assessment spot on don’t you? And it will have to be a big platter to hold the heads who agree with me in the Labour Party.

Byeck said...

Dear Terry
Re your views on Lib-Lab pact.

Betcha neither the PM or any of the Front-Bench agree with you.... hold on to Office at any price, is the Cabinet view!

No standards, that's their trouble!

Bye the bye, you noticed Jack Straw has been unusually quiet? You think he's sharpening the stiletto?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 11:11
The PM and front bench agree with me, we don’t want a pact with anyone but Lab./Lib. Is better than Lib./Tory. It’s not hanging on to power at any price it’s doing what is best for the country.

Anonymous said...

what will you do if its a LAB/Lib/SNP pact?

Hang yourself in shame or just do more typing?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 17:48
I will feel aggrieved at having to join such a bunch of low life political nonentities. That feeling will be somewhat assuaged by the absence of the Tories in Govt. I certainly won’t feel ashamed; why should I?

Byeck said...

Kelly, the Cabinet want to cling to power so badly, they've paid the Lib-Dem blood price - Brown stepping down.

Admittedly, the loss of this PM, leader of the most incompetent and corrupt government we've ever had, is cause to rejoice, but the way it was done is a disgrace.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 10/05/10
Rubbish, we want to hang on to power to stop the Tories, you haven’t got a clue but well done for cleaning up your language. Maybe now you will withdraw your accusations.