Saturday, May 29, 2010


17.30 p.m. and the peace and quiet of our small world is disturbed by a loud screeching sound; accompanied by a violent rumbling which sounded as if something big and dangerous was about to come through the window. Even at my age and in my general state of disrepair I amazed myself at how fast I could still move as I jumped out of my chair and ran to the window; something had obviously happened and it probably wasn’t pleasant I thought as I tried to unscramble my brain into action mode. There was debris on the road and as I looked out a motor cycle seemingly in slow motion went sailing serenely past the window on its side with no one on board and bits flying off it as it went past; rather worryingly I could not see the rider who was on the ground hidden behind my own car in my driveway; my daughter and me found her there after crashing into each other in the hallway like a Marx Brothers scene as we tried to get out to her.

The young woman was obviously distressed and injured and we made her as comfortable as we could; without moving her of course; (we watch Casualty) I just thought I would mention all this because it gives me an excuse to mention the response of the emergency services; the Police and Ambulance were there within 5 minutes and everything immediately calmed down as we instantly relaxed a little and let them take charge. My wife was picking up debris and putting it in a bag as we moved the bike off the road and she came back with bits of the bike as well as a belt, radio, baton and police woman’s hat, yes; the poor girl was a police officer on her way to work and she was a wee bit embarrassed being rescued by her colleagues. She seemed OK (God willing) albeit with injuries to her legs but; was able to chat away to us and the ambulance crew as they packed her off to the RAH.

Thankfully we do not often get involved in such incidents but it is reassuring to note that when we do the emergency services are so able and professional when something does happen. It is also worth mentioning that the public also automatically respond in the right way; motorists stopped to offer help and neighbours were also on the scene to do what they could, I found the attitude of everyone very encouraging and cooperative just as a society should be.

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