Thursday, May 27, 2010


Dear readers an update on man of Mystery George Laird “of the campaign for human rights at Glasgow University” alas I have to report that he still hasn’t managed to send me the letter (exciting isn’t it) which proves that Glasgow University abuses human rights despite saying he would do so and despite me reminding him twice; thrice if you include this.
However eschewing our usual blog forum and for reasons only he will know he has decided to email me with what he claims were copies from his stat counter which show ‘hits’ from Glasgow University proving of course (to George that is) that the University are liars and they do know him. I have answered him by stating the rather obvious; that the hits might have come from students or the Janny and the people who actually run the Uni. have told me they do not know him, if that is so they do not know what they are missing; comic talents like George do not come along every day.

Anyway he is still threatening to bring the University down when he reveals the dramatic evidence which he is preparing to send to politicians and he says that rather than send me that letter as promised he will include me in his correspondence when he contacts the politicians with the dramatic evidence; the waiting is killing me; give em hell Georgie boy!

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