Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The intense coverage of the election inadvertently gave us an insight in to what might be heading our way if Rupert Murdoch gets his way. The Murdoch Empire have been arguing strongly that the BBC should be officially stripped of its influence and its rivals given a less regulated playing field, suggestions have been made that there was a ‘quid pro quo’ arrangement with the Tories when the Sun came out in their support, we will see if legislation sympathetic to Murdoch is brought forward.

Meanwhile Murdoch’s Sky News gave us an example of what to expect when we witnessed the offensive behaviour of its political editor Adam Boulton and one of its anchors Kay Burley when they were interviewing politicians unsympathetic to the Tories. Ms. Burley displayed an arrogance and lack of professionalism when she allowed her aggression to spill over as she told an interviewee that he “would be better going home and watching the election on Sky TV than arguing with her” while Boulton was seen on three occasions losing his temper; with Alistair Campbell twice and Ben Bradshaw.

They were furious at the suggestion which more or less everyone agrees with; that Sky News were biased in favour the Tories and anti Labour; with their treatment of Gordon Brown particularly vicious. Boulton in particular flew in to a rage at Campbell and totally lost his temper, I formed the impression that his rage was synthetic and his resentment was borne of humiliation and shame at what he has become. Make no mistake about it this was the closest I have seen to an interviewer inflicting violence on someone; his shocking behaviour made Campbell’s case for him as he twisted himself into a frenzied scarlet faced ‘Mr. Angry’ while Campbell only had to stand there calmly telling him to calm down like a compassionate school teacher with a foul tempered pupil, Boulton will be looked at differently by viewers I suspect from now; I doubt that any non Tory observers would believe anything he says now about the Tories opponents. If I were responsible for PR in the Labour Party these two; Burley and Boulton would not interview any Labour people again.

Murdoch’s Empire will continue to assail Labour and sycophantically promote the Tories while bought and paid for journalists will continue to do his dirty work. I find it impossible to accept as true that these two so called journalists were really shocked to be confronted by accusations of prejudice it really is so palpable. What we saw was an overreaction to the fact that the public can see through them and their shameful behaviour; if Boulton wishes to insist that he and Sky News are neutral he had better find a better way than this; all he did here was confirm what all and sundry already know; he is Murdoch’s instrument the wretched Burley likewise.

This was a dark reminder of where we are heading under the Tories and their friends in the right wing media; check Fox News from America if you want to see where it leads but be warned it’s not a pretty sight.


Sprite said...

Maybe Adam and Kay were still upset by Brown giving that exclusive to Andrew Marr a while ago.

And isn't Marr married to Jackie Ashley, Guardian writer, daughter of Baron Ashley and Brown's biggest fan in the media?

J know, I know...just coincidence!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Sprite) 12/05/10
“Jackie Ashley, Guardian writer, daughter of Baron Ashley and Brown's biggest fan in the media?”

You have just won first prize for the laziest stupidest comment of the year; you clearly haven’t read Jackie Ashley’s column or indeed the Guardian.

Sprite said...

But, dear lad, Brown did, in fact, give an exclusive to Marr. royally p****** off the rest of the lobby, particularly Adam Boulton.

And when even the Guardian swings away from Labour, do you not think your confidence in The Great Unelected Coward was misplaced?

Anonymous said...

'In 2005,43% 0f C2's were Labour. Now it's down to 23%.' Liam Byrne

Terry, what are C2's?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Sprite) 13/05/10
I have already explained these things to you.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

C2 is a category of voter; in this case it represents the upper working class.

If you buy that kind of thing; I don't and those who do have just been made to look foolish by the results where no one won despite all the expert predictions.