Friday, May 21, 2010


By chance I caught a TV debate between one of the guys I mentioned in my last post about Israel, Professor Norman Finkelstein and an Israeli writer called Benny Morris. The conduct of the two debaters was very illuminating; Finkelstein argued his case rationally and calmly loading what he had to say with references to the World Court, Amnesty International, the United Nations etc. while Morris spent the whole time shouting over Finkelstein’s voice.

It was a display of ignorance and attempted bullying which you would expect from a drunken thug and it made Morris look desperate. He is well known and respected in Israel and I would urge everyone to catch up with these guys to see just how aggressive and arrogant the Israeli spokespersons are; they clearly are not prepared to enter into any rational discussions and they resort to harassment and aggravated abuse to prevent their opponent being heard. That’s when they are not too busy denying their opponents the right to enter into and travel in Palestine which they illegally occupy.


Anonymous said...

'Shouting, bullying, drunken thug,ignorance, harassment, aggravated abuse?'

Bit like you then. Terry

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 21/05/10
I am always polite genial and good natured; until someone tries to insult me or bully me; then I retaliate.