Saturday, March 31, 2012


On March 23rd. 20 12 I posted a question for the SNP and their supporters about the monarchy which you can see below. I deliberately couched the question in language which a child could understand because I am all too well aware of the mentality of the SNP members and followers.

Alas I have to tell you that here we are 8 days later and not one SNP member or supporter has replied. I think this is yet another example of what the SNP call discipline but the rest of the world call cowardice. They boast of an ever growing membership but when a fundamental question is asked, a question which I know for a fact causes anger and a feeling of betrayal among the SNP ranks we can't find one! not one! who is prepared to say a word against Alex Salmond's diktat, which assures the brave - hearts that if Scotland ever becomes independent our head of state will be the Queen of the UK. Here is a hint for those nationalists who are perhaps struggling, look up the word 'diktat'


Anonymous said...


Maybe it's because very few people read your stuff now. I only look in every couple of weeks when I have little else to do.

When I joined the SNP in 1974 it clearly stated on my wee cardboard membership card that our aims were to be "independent within the Commonwealth" (with the Queen).

Nothing has changed since then.

Frankly I and the rest of the SNP members I know are pretty relaxed about the whole subject.

When we become an modern independent nation we can have a referendum - like the Aussies.

Having or not having a queen is not near the top of my priorities. I care more about for things like reducing the gap between rich and poor so widened by the last Labour government.

I would probabaly vote to get rid of the Royals. The Queen has done a fair job over the years and seems a decent old soul, but the thought of Charlie and Camilla is not something I am looking forward to. Even the young prince and his new pretty wife seem a bit of a throwback to a bygone age.

So there you go Terry, hope this helps you out, and you can move your poison pen on to another subject.

David Ross.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on NO ANSWERS FROM THE SNP – AGAIN! on 01/04/12

“Frankly I and the rest of the SNP members I know are pretty relaxed about the whole subject”

I don’t believe this, why have none of them answered my question?

“When we become an modern independent nation we can have a referendum”

Again not true, how are you going to get a referendum on the Queen when your leader has already stated that she will be the head of state?

“I would probabaly vote to get rid of the Royals”

More weasel words, what vote would that be, the decision has been made by Alex Salmond.

If this was a serious attempt to answer my questions you really need to try again.

Anonymous said...


can you not just accept that we'll concern ourselves with the monarchy, in an independent country.

i'm happy to state that i prefer a Republic. but, indpendence is my first priority.

peter mccreadie

Jim said...

I have to agree with David, it's simply not an issue for me or any of my contemporaries. In fact you (Terry) have a much greater animosity towards the Royal family than anyone I know - Perhaps Salmond is afraid that if he denounces the Queen, you might jump ship and join the SNP... you wouldn't be the first Labourite to see the light I suppose...

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on NO ANSWERS FROM THE SNP – AGAIN! on 02/04/12

Firstly I have no idea who Peter McCreadie is and it does not qualify as an ID. But you have not answered my question.

According to your leader Alex Salmond you will not, I repeat not, concern yourself with the monarchy. He has stated unequivocally that the present Queen of the UK Elizabeth the second will be the head of state in an independent Scotland. You might be prepared to accept such undemocratic policy making but that only makes you a coward.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Jim on NO ANSWERS FROM THE SNP – AGAIN! on 02/04/12

This feeble and underhand attempt at humour does not hide the facts Jim. Ending the monarchy has been an SNP shibboleth for the 50 years that I have been in politics, “how can there be a second Liz. When the first ones never been” have you forgotten or are you new to this?

I don’t have animosity to the Royal Family I have animosity to the institution of monarchy, it represents undemocratic power, it’s that simple.

If you are not new to this then you are not telling the truth, I know what the SNP members think of the British monarchy and no amount of weasel words from you or anyone else will change that. SNP members have been told by Salmond to drop the opposition to the Queen and like the cowards that they are they have folded, just like they did with Souter, Trump, Murdoch and the Catholic Church. Scotland deserves better than you lot.

Jim said...


After your experiences with New Labour, I can see why you'd prefer to frame the debates around the issues of 1974, but we've all moved on a fair bit since then.

No one is interested in the argument you'd like to be having - see how few posts you've attracted on the subject... it's boring!

For the record though, I've come around to greatly admiring the monarchy as an institution and feel it's as good a solution as any we could hope for - see your own posts on the US presidential elections for evidence.


PS your posts on Phil the Greek would suggest that you do indeed hold some degree of animosity towards the royal family - or does he not count?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


You need to explain what you mean about 19 74 because it beats me. If you think “Phil the Greek” betrays animosity you don’t know me. If you think no one (in the SNP) is interested in the argument about the monarchy you either live in a cave or you are telling porkies.

I am not surprised to hear that you have come to greatly admire the royals, it just seems right somehow; some people are lost without grovelling to someone who was born better than them.

Anonymous said...

coward! that made me smile.

despite your provocation, terry, i will still burn a wee candle for you.

peter mccreadie

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Anonymous on NO ANSWERS FROM THE SNP – AGAIN! at 20:32

My provocation is simply to get you to get off your knees but that is not likely to happen is it? Be my guest tell us about yourself, what is it you are afraid of, how do you expect to free Scotland if you stay in hiding?

Jim said...


Who could forget the highlight of your "50 years in politics"

Having successfully run Paisley into the ground over the years I can understand why you're casting your eye around for other bigger targets to mark your impending retirement from a stellar career, but I suspect HM Elizabeth II has seen of better men than you and will continue to do so.


Cllr Terry Kelly said...


Jim – This always happens we start fighting and after a while I start to feel sorry for you. Alas for you and those who think like you I can tell you, perhaps it has escaped your attention or perhaps it’s simply lack of knowledge but the Scotsman is a right wing Tory paper and there was no censure, no letter, not even a phone call.

Perhaps it’s a character flaw in me but I instinctively feel contempt for anyone who bows or scrapes to someone and gives them respect because of who rather than what they are, in case you are wondering Jim that’s you and people like you. If anyone wants my respect they have to earn it. Crowns, tiaras, toy swords and fake medals don’t cut it I’m afraid. Simples!

Jim said...

A right wing Tory newspaper with enough clout to have you resorting to your pitiful 'I was only joking' defence.

Meanwhile in the real world, the leader of the Labour party has quite a different attitude to the Queen...

"She has been a source of stability and security in a changing world during her 60 years on the throne providing guidance and comfort to all she meets.

"The Diamond Jubilee in June will be a chance to celebrate her reign. "

How does it feel to be so far out of touch?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

By Jim on NO ANSWERS FROM THE SNP – AGAIN! on 04/04/12

Jim, you are proving to be incapable of addressing the question. This is about an avowed republican political party the SNP doing a massive cowardly ‘U Turn’ because their autocratic leader (the wee spiv Salmond) has ordered them to do so.

And this without any consultation or opportunity to debate the issue for the members, WTF are you people made of? Do you want to try addressing that?

Jim said...


I've already addressed the question you asked. In the main, I concur with the post David Ross made. It's simply not an issue for me or any of my contemporaries. - you seem incapable of accepting the answer given.

To me, my contemporaries are a key group in the vast swathes of people scunnered with Labour failure. Rather than your divisive rhetoric, should you not be attempting to bring people back into the fold? Perhaps Labour should think about why so many people are abandoning the Labour party and come up with a more inclusive and socially balanced vision for Scotland, led by someone of real stature... just a thought.

No-one I know has as much animosity for the Royal family as you, yet you seem perfectly comfortable in the Labour party who still seem perfectly happy with the honours system for party Apparatchiks and are delighted to celebrate HM Elizabeth II's reign (do you consider yourself a hypocrite?)

Just because you once knew an SNP supporter who sung a daft song, don't confuse that with the modern, well educated, moderate Scot who finds Alex Salmond a far better proposition than Wendy Alexander or Ian Grey (I suspect Johann Lamont won't make much inroads either).

best regards

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Jim - Thursday, April 05, 2012 8:22:00 AM.

You have not addressed the question; so I will put it again as simply as I can and for the last time.

The SNP are a republican party – fact.

The (wee spiv Salmond) has unilaterally decided without consultation or voting or discussion of any kind that his! Party is no longer a republican party but is now a party which supports the monarchy. This is nothing to do with “Labour failure, divisive rhetoric or bringing people back in to the fold” or indeed any other attempt to avoid the issue.

I am calling you and your fellow members/supporters cowards because you are afraid to go up against a dictatorial leader who treats you with open contempt. That is the charge, you can have one more go.

Jim said...

If Alex Salmond was truly a dictatorial leader who treated the Scottish electorate with open contempt, do you really think he could have so easily and emphatically won the last election in the unprecedented fashion that he did?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


Yes – And if you had the slightest grasp of history you would not be asking such a stupid question. Now for the last time what about the question, I am running out of patience.