Tuesday, March 13, 2012


There are quite a lots of people in this country who are convinced that we are dominated by America, I am one of them but I don't believe that American influence is entirely baleful. They have many good points, the occupy movement, baseball, the constitution, no monarchy to name a few. The size, wealth and power of Uncle Sam however is something which requires vigilance by those enthralled by it. The potential for America to be a force for good is immense but so by contrast is its potential for bad. Watching the Republican Presidential Nomination Race has reminded me of the latter. I regard the 3 front runners as right wing cavemen who ought to turn any potential voter against politics but there is the rub, they don't! When I see them try to outbid each other for the hellfire right wing Christian Nazi vote at public rallies I think of Nuremberg.

Gingrich, Santorum or Romney? Take your pick, rat race Protestant, rat race Catholic or rat race Mormon, each capable of actions which have the potential to drag the planet Earth back in to the dark ages and one of these 3 will win and go on to face Obama in the race to be President of the USA there is no plan (B) it's going to be one of these 3 who runs, scary or what? Go Obama Go !

Romney the fabulously wealthy Mormon who pays very little tax on his vast fortune due to the smart lawyers he employs is the favourite; he considers his tax affairs to be his business and thinks it's OK to dodge vast sums of money which should be going to Uncle Sam, he still gets away with wraping himself in the Stars n Bars like a patriot and the red necks buy it. Before you laugh at these backward half witted "good ole boys" you should consider that in America there are an estimated 60 Million of these whackos who prefer Adam n Eve to Darwin.

I came across this example of Mitt Romney's style of reaching out to the 'ordinary Joes' from a recent Republican Rally in Detriot, once the motor capital of the word which now has more unemployed auto workers than you could shake a stick at. He was attempting to fly the "I'm one of you guys at heart kite, just an ordinary patriot like you guys" incredibly he dug deeper "I drive American cars, heck, my wife even drives a couple of cadillacs"

Romney is favourite to win the Republican Nomination and that was a true story, the other 2 are as bad if not worse. F.F.S. if you know anyone in America or you have any influence in the coming Presidential Election please use it to support Obama.


Anonymous said...

Funny you should say that. When in Scotland last year the most poignant thing I heard was in a bar in Craigneuk called "The King Lud" Funky Ferry's son Funky jr. the Ferry's are old friends of the Kelly's said that "Arthur everything you get in America we get it four or five years later". We were talking about mod-cons and things in general at the time. Man I saved a lot of time by not waiting for America to come to Scotland. With the highways, malls, biases,jeans and especially the way your language has changed you could plunk Scotland in the middle of Mississippi and never miss a beat. Nazi's?
Arthur Kelly Chgo/Craigneuk

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


Arthur believe it or not I met Funky Ferry in the King Lud many years ago when we were about 17/18, if it’s the same guy he will be about early to middle sixties. We were both drunk and we were going to fight (the reason escapes me) Margaret O’Connor told him I was Tarry Kelly’s son from Paisley and we became great pals.
Right wing, Reactionary, Racist, corrupt, head cases, zealots??? It’s maybe a bit lazy but Nazis is easier to say. You will I know; having spoke to you at some length when you were here remember the names Barry Goldwater? George Wallace? and of course our very own Sarah Palin. All of these half dozen Bozos have managed to be regarded as presidential contenders and that is very scary. Perhaps America is big enough to absorb so many of these folks and still be a great country but what if one of these cretins actually had access to the nuclear codes? Does that no gie ye the heebie jeebies?

Anonymous said...

We are big enough to absorb all the hairies. There are 6 million babies born in the US every year (most of them from dual races or ethnicities), that's one and a half times the population of Scotland every year, lots of people. Wallace and Goldwater are long deed and Sarah P has a degree in political science, if you ignore a rattlesnake it will go away, poke it with a stick and see, she is rarely in the news any more. Goldwater (Republican) wanted to get the US out of Viet-Nam Johnson (Democrat) who won secretly bombed Cambodia. I have a hard time picking good guys and bad guys except for Funky Ferry who is a good guy, open and honest not like the inept money/power hungry chap in the White House right now. Hindsight but Hillary Clinton was the better choice, but the primaries AKA beauty contests we have here are farcical. Obama called Hillary everything but a Nazi in their primary, making the current Republican contest look tame.
Arthur Kelly Chgo/Craigneuk

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


I’m sure Funky Ferry is a good guy, as I said we got along fine in our brief encounter some 40 odd years ago,we finished up having a drink together my Da. spoke well of his family. In his usual disparaging way he said I was lucky the fight didn't get going but, he would have talked you down if you had beat Mike Tyson.

It has become something of a 4 year ritual for people in Britain and indeed others around the world to tremble at the sight and sound of the Republican candidates, we look and say “what if that crazy bastard” or worse still “what if that crazier bastard” I suppose we must learn to live with it.

“Sarah P has a degree in political science”
That’s not something I would advertise if I were an American.

Anonymous said...

Relax Jimmy, maybe your auld legs are sair from knee jerk reactions. America has "The Balloons" let the air out of themselves AKA "Free Speech". The UK on the other hand bungs a coronet on "The Balloons" heids and puts them in the Hoose of Lairds.
My Da was complimentary also, said I "had a good voice for cooling soup"
Arthur Kelly Chgo/Craigneuk

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


Unless you can guarantee me the Democrats (most of whom give me the ‘Tex Ritters’) will win I reserve the right to be feart.