Wednesday, January 27, 2016


In Tennessee America in 19 25 a great “stushie” took place which resulted after a legendary trial in a young school teacher named Scopes being sent to prison for teaching his students ‘the theory of evolution’ according to Charles Darwin, it became famously known  as “The Scopes monkey trial” and Tennesee is still trying to live down the shame of it all. 91 years later, after man has conquered space and walked on the moon we, yes we here in Scotland, are re-enacting the same weird pantomime brought to you by the SNP. Today’s contribution from the SNP concert party at Holyrood is a parliamentary attempt  by the very, very holier than thou SNP MSP John Mason and 2 other SNP MSP God bothering dinosaurs to make it compulsory for our schools to teach children what is now referred to as ‘creationism’. This flies in the face of evolutionary science as researched by Charles Darwin and subjected to such derision 91 years ago in America. Mr. Mason has previous when it comes to God whom he seems to be on intimate terms with, he and 4 other SNP backwoodsmen continue the “good fight” to allow Gay people to be discriminated against by allowing individuals to refuse them the right to be married, they seem to me to have a very bitter, twisted concept of god, is he perhaps a big guy with a broken nose, shaved head multiple tattoos and carrying a baseball bat?.  What shocks me and has shocked me for some time is that these people continue to be selected as SNP candidates by their constituency members.

Meanwhile the SNP SG continues to stumble from pillar to post.

Leaning on Lothian Health Board to postpone news of health service cuts until after the election is sleazy. John Swinney slithering away down to Westminster to plead for mercy from George Osborne because of the SNP lies about oil have been brutally exposed is a humiliation for the SNP. The public are now familiar with an almost daily diet of SNP lies and misdemeanours, SNP elected members fulminating about tax avoidance and MP’s with second jobs while they the SNP are guilty of tax avoidance and having second jobs as well. The very superior and condescending SNP MP Mr. George Kerevan is revealed to be employing his wife and paying her £25,000 a year, I thought they didn’t do such things.  They keep claiming to be on the left but recently awarded a large contract to a firm who are known blacklisters of union members. How much longer will it be before those who bought their lies decide that enough is enough?

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Nikostratos said...

Inherit the Wind (1960 film)One of my all time favourite movies
Spencer Tracy ,Fredric March wonderful.

Scopes Trial 90 years ago .Turned into a movie 55 years ago
and now remade in 2015 as a snp farce at Holyrood

"History repeats first as tragedy, then as farce''

Mind Marx not welcome anymore in the new neo-liberal snp