Wednesday, April 27, 2016


It is a time of satisfaction for everyone who supported the families of the 96 Liverpool fans who lost their lives in the Hillsborough tragedy and that is a lot of people. There is however a group who do not share in that satisfaction and they belong to the SNP which should come as no surprise by this time to anyone. The vicious low life who calls himself  the Rev. Stuart Campbell writer of the blog wings over Scotland or as he is sometimes called ‘Lord Haw Haw‘ heaped blame on the Liverpool fans and blamed them for the disaster declaring the police innocent. He maintains that same position today and today has seen a surge of support for this animal from snp supporters including MSP Roseanna Cunningham despite the enquiry at last vindicating the fans and blaming the police. The popularity among snp supporters of this filthy character and his writing speaks volumes for the kind of people they are. What you make of members of a political party whose supporters behave in this way is for you and your conscience to decide, for my part my conscience is clear, they are vermin. 


Anonymous said...

Your simplified interpretation on everything is certainly amusing.

Wings Over Scotland is not SNP. Just like the pro-independence parties are not all SNP.

In fact i vote SNP i find WOS can be petty minded and have a very narrow outlook. Much like yourself.

Surely, as Kezia Dugdale has just come out behind the TORIES in Scotland, you should be aware that you are definitely wrong on your all about Labour outlook. As i said many times, you are but a dinosaur who doesn't realise the asteroid has hit. Nothing from the time in which i posted that comment and now has done anything to challenge that belief further more, the evidence suggests that the collapse or Labour in Scotland has even been quicker than i anticipated.

People like you are the reason Labour are dead. The majority of actual Labour men are dying of old age and those left, like yourself, are too entrenched in a petty hatred to notice the shift. How many times is the evidence going to slap you in the face before you stop making excuses for your own progress.

Your party is dying because you do not have the mental capacity to accept that this shift away from Labour is nothing more than a momentary losing of mind by the Scottish electorate.

For all your bleating and mind numbingly misplaced rhetoric it isn't going to matter. You will lose your comfy Council seat and will be resigned to retirement where you can sit in your tax payers bought house and burn the remaining effigies of Nicola Sturgeon. Alas, it will not matter, no-one cares about an outdated and out of touch Left Wing relic with a council seat let alone a retired pensioner who cannot take his mind away from previous glory days.

I have two young boys, who will one day ask "who were the Labour party".

I will have to say they were a party who collapsed in Scotland because the preservation of the party took precedence over the needs of their voters.

This spectacular fall has been a long time coming. Only the most ardent and deluded Labour supporters remain unwavering.

Then again, Labour stopped being a "socialist" party Twenty years ago and that still hasn't dawned on you. Much to our amusement.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

In Germany 'circa' 1935 the Nazi Party had 8.5 million members.

Unknown said...

I read your diatribe and I read the post about Hillsburgh, you must be reading something else, can you put a link in your blog,I don't want to call you a liar, and give you the benefit of the doubt as you surely wouldn't want to misrepresent anyone?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

The snp bible 'wings over Scotland's author was asked if he stood by his previous comments about Liverpool fans being to blame for Hillsborough and he told the questioner to F**k off and refused to withdraw his remarks, snp MSP roseanna Cunningham sprang to his defence and so did many snp supporters, the snp leadership said nothing.

Unknown said...

I will ask you again, can you point to the point where he said he "heaped blame on the Liverpool fans and blamed them for the disaster declaring the police innocent"
you have made this accusation will you stand by and show proof, or will you withdraw it, or you can just tell me to F off.?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

4 posts from the author of WoS blaming the Liverpool fans go and check it up.

Unknown said...

I have, extensively and I think it doesn't exist, and the first statement, when you refer to wings as the SNP is incorrect, he is not, and I did ask a SNP constituency adviser about him and he really didn't like him, so for the third time you made an accusation, I am asking you to substantiate it, which part do you not understand?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Try googling 'Wings over Scotland and Hillsborough' also

I referred to Wings over Scotland as the SNP bible and that is a fair description. You can't find anything on the subject of Wings over Scotland and Hillsborough, really?.