Saturday, November 26, 2016


What do Dwight D Eisenhower – John F Kennedy – Lyndon Baines Johnson –Richard Nixon – Gerald Ford – Jimmy Carter – Ronald Reagan – George Bush – Bill Clinton – George Bush 2 and Barack Obama have in common? --- They all had the misfortune to be presidents of America while Fidel Castro was in power in Cuba; Fidel has also managed to steal the thunder of President elect Donald Trump by himself passing away, thus knocking the serial crook Trump off the front pages of the newspapers and the TV news screens all around the world. None of the men traditionally referred to as the most powerful men in the world 'The Presidents of America' was never able to get the better of a revolutionary Socialist leader who dominated them from 90 miles away in the tiny island of Cuba with ease. Despite the efforts of the mightiest nation on Earth’s attempts to invade Cuba, to destroy their revolution with sanctions and even assassinate Fidel many times he was able to ridicule and laugh at them for over 5 decades. 

His poverty stricken 3rd world country managed to provide better health care completely free to everyone, and better education, free to all from infancy through to university, better infant mortality rates and so much more than the world’s richest country America.

Cuba exported healthcare throughout Latin America and Africa, 325, 710 Cuban health workers have worked in 158 countries since 19 69. And they also gave military aid to the ANC in their revolutionary struggle. 

Castro and the Cuban revolution above all brought hope to the downtrodden of this world, in every corner of the earth people heard and learned from Cuba that they could in fact defy the odds and win the struggle against the exploiters, capitalist crooks and colonialists if they stood together, displayed loyalty to the cause and believed in solidarity. We may never see his like again, and he joins the list of heroes who have gone before him who were fighters for justice for the poor and downtrodden, like Lenin, Marx, Trotsky, Robespierre, Danton, (La Pasionaria - Dolores Irraburi), Rosa Luxembourg, James Connolly, John MacLean and so many more who fought for the greatest cause in the history of the world, Socialism, it was a privilege to have shared this earth with him and to have supported him and his revolution.  

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