Monday, June 06, 2016


Unedifying obfuscation is now the default position of the SNP and their mob of supporters in relation to Fracking as they twist and turn while refusing to ban it entirely. In the course of the past year they have gone from sabre rattling against Fracking to being terrified to mention it at all, they adopted the prison camp guard’s excuse of ‘we are following orders, we can’t ban it’ when in actual fact they can ban it, so why the tissue of lies?.  

Such was the determination of the SNP hierarchy to stamp out dissent on this that they made sure that it would not be debated at their conference, so to those SNP members who are opposed to it which means most of them before they were stood on by Nicola and her guards the order is ‘whatever you say, say nothing’, or else. This deception got them by the recent Holyrood election but it helped to lose the SNP its overall majority, this in turn led to a situation which could only be described as humiliating for Sturgeon and her now minority government as she instructed her party to abstain and the remaining MSP’S led by Labour recorded a victory for banning over it’s then only supporters the Tories. It all begs the question, how long can the SNP keep going without a rebellion in the ranks, bit by bit the things which the SNP once stood for are being dismantled by the likes of Sturgeon, Swinney and Neil who chose the careerist path a long time ago.  

There is a spectre hanging over this whole business and that spectre is called Jim Ratcliffe the owner of Ineos who, with the help of the SNP destroyed so many jobs at Grangemouth. It was he who smiled to the cameras on leaving a meeting with the SNP as he stated ‘I see no problem with Fracking going ahead’ could the sinister smirking face of Fergus Ewing who was right behind him have had anything to do with Mr. Ratcliffe’s confidence?. I smell an SNP rat and that is why they are in such a mess over this issue. Make no mistake about it when a man like Ratcliffe looks at someone like Nicola Sturgeon he sees what con men call a ‘mark’.        


Anonymous said...

Can i ask you what part of their position you are struggling with? As you are either being churlish or too stupid to understand the concept.

Here comes some facts, so no doubt this post will never see the light of day.

The UK government has already ruled against bans implemented in England when challenged by the energy companies.

The moratorium cannot be challenged in court where as a ban, can, has and was overturned.

Precedent has been set, bans will be overturned. Where as a moratorium stops legal proceedings and allows a case against fracking to be built on a scientific basis.

Only the most mindles party hack would fail to see this reality.

Its Labour's move to implement a ban which would see fracking take place almost immediately as you have created a ban to be challenged.

You really are some specimin. Just aswell your days of public funding are numbered.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I have no intention of wasting time on someone who can't think for him/herself. I suggest you google "can Scotland ban fracking"?.

Anonymous said...

Ah, first hit is the Greens. I will put some countenance towards their opinion as they eloquently argue their case. Do i believe the SNP want to roll out fracking, no? This is a red line for me, if they do indeed do the unlikely and destroy their own country for... i dont know what for, then i will never give them my vote again. I will vote Green.

Just a shame that your constitution is so weak that you will endure decades of right wing policy from your own party without so much as considering an allegiance switch. This shows the intelligence level. You detest nationalism and flag waving yet you have the same type of tribal loyalty to a political party. At least Scottish Nationalists are actually Scottish.

You are a Socialist promoting neoliberalism by participation. If you are the Socialist you say then prove it, cancel your Labour membership and grow a back bone.

Also, you have never uttered an original word in your life. You are a walking neolithic socialist.

If you had a penny for every time you used the term "tissue of lies" or "zealot".

Only an imbecile would still be sitting here years down the line trudging out the same old mantra... 'everyone else is an idiot apart fae me'

A man whos whole political outlook can be whittled in to one beautifully poetic statement of irony "i am a socialist".

You are a walking parody.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

"At least Scottish Nationalists are actually Scottish"

Meaning what exactly? it's rubbish but at least it's Scottish rubbish. I couldn't care less about being Scottish or indeed where anyone else was born, people who think that there is merit in where someone is born are gibbering senseless idiots.

I don't have tribal loyalty to any party, tribal loyalty is a nationalist trait I am loyal to Socialism ergo I'm in the Labour party. The rest of your post is garbage.

Unknown said...

So, after this Holyrood debate and vote, is there now a gren light for fracking in Scotland?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Can you not make yourself a bit clearer.

Unknown said...

A fairly simple question Terry (despite the spelling error!). let me expand a little.

After the Hollyrood debate, and vote, is Ineos, or any other company, allowed to commence fracking in Scotland?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

You are doing a very clumsy job of trying to evade the issue. The salient point here is that the snp are refusing to ban fracking and Labour have stated that there will be no fracking. You can twist and turn as much as you like but you and the snp are hung out to dry on this because there is a perception that they have already promised INEOS that they will be allowed to carry out fracking and I agree with that perception and so do the people.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you.

Say the evidence comes up that Fracking is not a danger to our environment (unlikely i know). Im talking about hard scientific facts, would you change your opinion on what would be an excellent oppurtunity for revenue for the SCottish Government?

As we know, we really only have the Fracking mess in America to go from and the geology there is quite different.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

"when the facts change, I change my mind" John Maynard Keynes.

Is it a fact that 'the geology in America is quite different'?.