Tuesday, June 28, 2016


If it is permissible for the PLP to challenge Jeremy Corbyn then it must follow that we, the party members can challenge those Labour MP’S who challenged Jeremy, right?. 


Anonymous said...

I have been a regular critic of your blog Terry and i vote SNP.

I will say though, i hope for the sake of everyone in the UK that Corbyn wins. We need the Labour party to represent the left. With the abundance of Blairites in the PLP and the lack of appetite from within the Labour party for politics of this type, the writing has been on the wall for them for some time.

Portland group are orchestrating this media and Blairite revolt. It is down to Corbyn now to stand steadfast and represent the party who voted him in.

For too long now the scope of political debate has been narrowed to the right side with Labour chasing Tory votes. Its about time we had a broad left party in Westminster to enable it to be a more balanced legislature.

Out of interest, what is your prevailing mood with the current state of politics?

Anonymous said...

Wrong, the socialist wing of the Labour party capitulated to the right wing Blairites and wallowed in the brief false sunshine of the 1990's. They took their core support for granted and thought that they could move to the right and no one would notice, well we did notice. No more so than in Scotland.

It is too late for the labour party to be seeking redemption when it is gasping for oxygen on it's death bed. even as the Tories have exposed their throat to the labour dagger, labour have chosen to use that dagger to stab themselves in the foot instead.

As plot lines in soap operas go, this one would have been thrown in the bin as too far fetched.

is their anything in the world more inept and incompetent than the labour party right now ? Ukip are on the way to surpassing them as a political force. nuff said.

cliff mccabe

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

The disaffected people of Scotland rather than try to understand the political reasons for our problems turned to the simple racist ethnic nationalism of the snp. History teaches us that it's happened before and also that it ends in tears.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

My prevailing mood is that if Corbyn survives which I expect him to we can fight back and still elect a socialist Labour government. If he doesn't it is going to be a long time before anything good happens in UK politics.

Anonymous said...

who disaffected the people of Scotland Terry ? The people of Scotland put all their hopes in the Labour basket and were catastrophically let down by Blair and his acolytes quest for power, he pandered to middle England's jingoistic Toryism and milked it for personal gain whilst the Saturday morning socialists like you stood by and took the crumbs from his loaf.

You can keep up with your ethnic nationalist nonsense as long as you want, The SNP is the only way forward in Scotland now.

Any ethnic nationalism in these isles is much further south Terry and it is tribal haters like you who have enabled them.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

And after 9 years of SNP government who is disaffecting the people of Scotland now? You are a typical single issue snp idiot you know nothing about politics, without the English to take out your race hatred on you would be struck dumb. The snp learned 2 years ago that they are not the way forward; they are a single issue party who rely on kilts and flags to get votes but that doesn’t last. It doesn’t seem possible to get so many clich├ęs into one post but you managed it. I have cause to deal with members of the public here in Scotland and through that I know, I don’t have to make it up, that the people of Scotland are every bit as racist as people anywhere else and you lot make that worse. I get the usual racist garbage like only Scottish people should get houses and jobs and places for their children in school and nurseries not these benefit scroungers from Poland Ireland and Pakistan etc. That is the Scotland that the snp have created.