Tuesday, October 18, 2016


The sustained attacks on Jeremy Corbyn accusing him of anti Semitism are nonsensical and desperate, nonsensical because he has an unblemished history of unwavering opposition to any kind of racism, sectarianism or bigotry. They are also desperate because they are being hysterically pursued by Israeli Zionists and the reason for that should bring reassurance to Labour and Corbyn supporters. Anyone who clings to the fiction that Corbyn is unelectable should consider carefully why this is happening, it is clear that when it comes to Corbyn's electability there is certainly one very powerful and influential group who know that he is electable and that is the Israeli Zionists. The last thing they want to see is a UK Labour Prime Minister with a long and honourable record of support for the Palestinian cause, hence the slurs and false accusations against him. Their accusations however are becoming less and less credible and the fact that they emanate from the same old sources marks them as completely contrived.   


Anonymous said...

This is anti-semitic drivel

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Being opposed to the Zionist state of Israel and it's war crimes is not anti Semitic.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick and tired of Zionists crying "that's anti-Semitic" every time someone criticises the oppressive and murderous apartheid state of Israel. Was it racist to condemn apartheid in South Africa? Of course not. Anyway, thank you Terry for all your efforts. You are doing God's work!

Johnny B said...

The inter-weaving of the Israeli state and Judaism as a whole is by design. It effectively gives the Israeli state the same protection as a religion, which is an extremely useful tool.

Not only does this stifle debate on the Israeli state but it also allows people to use the extremely predictable and lazy accusation that these people are akin to Nazi's.

Something Terry Kelly likes to partake in when he accuses the majority of the electorate in Scotland of being "Nazi sympathisers". For you, Mr Kelly, to complain about this reality is frankly laughable.

Once again, as this post has a hint of negativity towards this particular blogger, i will expect it to be duly thrown in the bin. The true measure of a democrat, eh?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous Johnny B said...-

We’ve heard this rubbish before. The information available to us regarding the state of Israel and its treatment of the Palestinians is an updated version of what happened to the Americans in Vietnam, there is no hiding place anymore for people who commit war crimes and atrocities that is why I compare the Israeli Zionists to the Nazis. They treat the Palestinians like the Nazis treated the Jews and like Vietnam the world is watching; if the Israeli Zionists thought they could exterminate all Palestinians without the world seeing them do it they would do it in a heartbeat. Your reference to me accusing the majority of Scottish people as Nazis is a blatant lie, I have never said anything like that, I have compared the SNP and their followers to Nazis and I have provided proof of that, from the days of the beginning of the SNP through WW2 where they wanted a Hitler victory up to the present where they marched shoulder to shoulder with the Flemish Nazis at Calton Hill in Edinburgh and their practice of holding an annual lecture in memory of Arthur Donaldson, a former SNP leader who was jailed for being a Nazi sympathiser during WW2 they have been tainted by fascism, this is a matter of historical fact. I am happy to remind people of these facts.