Saturday, May 03, 2008


It's Thursday evening 7pm May 1St. 08 and the streets outside the Mossvale Church Hall in Shortroods in my ward are witnessing a strange invasion, cars, not the usual Shortroods cars though.

These were cars of a more expensive variety, big cars with fancy names and flashy designs, what could it mean ? and so many of them.

The church hall had been booked for a public meeting by the Renfrewshire Schools Parent Councils to discuss the devastation being wrought on our school pupils by the actions of Renfrewshire Council's SNP/Lib. Dem. administration.

What would the reformer Knox have made of them ? this inexperienced incompetent bunch announced a reduction of £4.5 Million in education spending at their budget, we are now seeing the effects, these are cuts, savage draconian cuts which will damage children, teachers, schools and families across Renfrewshire, hence the exotic cars in Shortroods, the parents, pupils and teachers were not amused.

Young people are preparing for one of the most important times of their lives, 'the highers' these exams will shape their futures, that's how important they are. Consider the fear and worry therefore when the kids and families start to realise that these cuts mean them, it's their lives, their futures we are talking about.

When the curriculum is chopped, when supported study is cut, when class room behaviour projects are closed etc. these children and their families will pay the price.

The EIS warn of the following - larger class sizes, fewer subject choices, less specialist support, social exclusion instead of inclusion, fewer books and pencils, five or six fewer teachers next year in Renfrewshire,the undermining of any aspiration for improvement, less choice in Advanced Highers, teachers threatened with disciplinary action for speaking about these cuts, that last one is a beauty isn't it ?

The meeting was packed and I personally spoke to doctors, lawyers, university professors, teachers, engineers, architects etc. who are incensed at what is happening.

Nicola Sturgeon accuses Labour of scaremongering and I am left to wonder if this crowd at the meeting were there because they were 'scare mongered' a pathetic reaction, let her face these people and see what their feelings are, can you guess who were not at the meeting ?
From education convener Cllr. Cameron SNP down to every Cllr. in Renfrewshire Council, invitations were sent and the only Cllrs. to show face were Labour.
We opposed this at the budget and we will continue to oppose it, I urge everyone who cares about the future of young people in Renfrewshire to write to Cllrs. MP's, and MSP's about this scandal, visit the surgeries of SNP, Lib. Dem. and Tory Cllrs. yes the Tories are in it up to their necks as you would expect.

This is the real face of the Nationalists and the £4.5 Million has just been scraped, there is a lot more to come.


Anonymous said...

I was there and the meeting had little to do with council cuts. Nice try and total scaremongering. You would do better to do your job and represent the people instead of your own minority party.

Anonymous said...

These are the same Libs that your group were begging to go into coalition with. Or is that a different set again.

Must be fun sitting around wishing and praying for cuts so you can spout against it.

Is there absolutely nothing the SNP/Libs have done that you would congratulate them for?

Nothing at all?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 04/05/08

The meeting was called in response to £4.5 Million cuts in education by the SNP budget.

If you were there, you are either too stupid to follow proceedings or you are a liar.

Minority ? As in SNP at Holyrood or SNP in Renfrewshire ?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 04/05/08

“These are the same Libs that your group were begging to go into coalition with”

Two points, 1/ if we were in power with or without a minor coalition partner, these vicious cuts would not be happening. 2/ I have never supported a coalition with anyone.

“ Is there absolutely nothing the SNP/Libs have done that you would congratulate them for”

I thought about all those photo calls with them smiling and opening new schools, care homes, new council headquarters etc. that’s nice isn’t ? except they were all built under labour. Two faced hypocrites is what they are.

Anonymous said...

The head of the largest teachers union in Renfrewshire has a lettter in today's Herald condemning the cuts.

These cuts are happening and are here for the next 4 years

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Oakwood) 16:15

It’s only just started.

Anonymous said...

I am slightly concerned that you are pressing a theme of "inexperience" against the SNP in the council.

This smacks of the Old Labour arrogant entitlement to rule. I mean - before last May which was the only party that the label "inexperienced" did not apply to? And if your entitlement to hold office should be predicated on your previous experience then there could only be one party that could claim office. Mind you "incompetent" was something we all thought you lot were guilty of.

Anonymous said...

I just found out why Councillor Cameron, the Councils Education Convenor was not present, she was away in another junket.

Is there no lumbar bar low enough for the Nat's. Maybe she was alway paying her man's Poll Tax Arears, that would be a story worth reading but no in the Paisley Express as they don't wish to upset Dexy McKay!