Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Scottish Symbolism ?

The huge number of inadequates in Scotland are at it still, they now want the Golden Eagle to be Scotland's national bird, poor creature, what did it do to deserve that ? why not the starling ? While we are at it who decided on Flower of Scotland as a national anthem ? what's wrong with 'Stop yer Ticklin Jock' imagine a large crowd, shoulders moving together to 'tickalickalickalin, stop yer ticklin Jock' national dress ? the kilt, says who ? 'going cheap at £600, haggis or Ruby Murray ? I go for the latter. St. Andrew, eh ? blue n white flag ? chosen by whom ? national poet Burns ( 2nd rate plagiarist ) who picked that lot ? My god it's absolute rubbish eh ! but at least it's Scottish rubbish. If you want a glimpse of Scotland under the SNP look at the Glasgow Herald's letters page, think of Salmond ( all time holder of most lost elections and still leader ) in his see you Jimmy Wig and be afraid, be very afraid, Scots who need this drivel are in a bad way. DEC. 13 TH. 06 I forgot about the national drink whiskey, as in 'freedom and whiskey gang thegither' If Burns was copying people and crawling to the upper classes today, he would have to relegate whiskey to somewhere way behind Irn Bru and Buckfast.

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