Friday, December 29, 2006


I just knew that we had not heard the last of my dear chum 'Old Bill Martin' he has come up with a wheeze that would have been applauded by the great 'Arthur Daly' remember " Terence my son, hitting old ladies over the head with a half brick is a crime, everything else is just business " listen up, here's the cunning plan, Old Bill, he of the perfectly coiffured hair ( some cruel opponents maintain it's an Irish Jig ) and the smile like the tin plate on a coffin will resign, i.e. take the 30 pieces of silver and concentrate on ironing people's smalls while his fragrant wife Caroline will stand for election in his place. Thus will a lump sum ( £20,000 )? be secured and the remuneration from the council be maintained, can the SNP afford to lose a man of such initiative ? surely not. Can sweet Caroline win the seat? will the people of Glenburn stand for it? anyone who has met her or seen her at council meetings could not help but be won over by her, the perfect manners, the friendly smile, the sweet disposition and the recent ringing endorsement from the Standards Commission ( look it up ) must surely stand her in good stead. Surely it's the SNP's loss ! Old Bill, Sweet Caroline and of course the Boay Vassie are now the keepers of the independence flame while the Faint hearts led by the Boay Mackay have deserted the cause, poor bonnie Scotland, broken and abandoned by the SNP fearties, you would need to have a heart of stone not to laugh.


RfS said...

Caroline has some problems with the Standards then eh?

Does it not bother you that when I type "councillor terry kelly" into Google the first results are the Standards Commission's report into your own misconduct?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Thank you for giving me this chance. I fell foul of the Standards Comm. at a council meeting where the SS and the SNP had orchestrated a mob to disrupt the meeting, they targeted my daughter and got to me through her, yes I did confront one of them in particular who was shouting foul mouthed abuse at her. I regret letting them get to me and of course it was Caroline, old Bill and Vassie who were the main complainers. If you are on first name terms with 'Caroline' I'm not surprised that you prefer anonymity.

RfS said...

"village idiots", "workshy incompetents". Love it.

I have to agree with your sentiments but unlike you (and in keeping with the majority of the Renfrewshire electorate) I would expand this description to the whole of Renfrewshire Council. I note that only one or two register "remuneration" for a job in the members interests section, although I concede the point that the salary being brought in next (oops, its 2007 already Happy New Year by the way) this year is indicative of a full time job.

My use of the familiar "Caroline" was following on from your use in the post; "Can sweet Caroline win the seat?", "Old Bill, Sweet Caroline and..." Never met the woman, would not know her from Eve in the street. If it were not for your use of your picture on your blog I would not know you either.

And what difference would knowing my name make? Make a good case and I may tell you!!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

So, you now know what the electorate of Renfrewshire are thinking - do you by any chance wear your underpants outside your trousers, able to leap tall mountains, read minds etc I'm beginning to feel quite humble.
About 'remuneration' are you trying in your convoluted way to ask if I have a job? I'm retired.
O. K. so you don't know these people. I'm not going to cite any more stuff about your identity, people can decide for themselves about this issue. For my part I struggle to have respect for someone who hides like this.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Happy New Year to you too !