Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Hi dog lovers everywhere this is Bessie here, as you can see big Molly and me have called a truce, I intend however to wake up before her and give her a wee nip just to keep my paw in. I'm in the bad books again because I stole a bag of sweets from the shopping bag of a family friend who visited us, I call that initiative, I've also decided to offer a paw for a treat after them trying to coax me to do this for about a year, it's beneath my dignity but it keeps them happy. We still roam around like the Kray twins when we get off the lead, we gang up on other dogs and joggers are a favourite, also family picnics, 'weans mean grub' cyclists are fair game as well, sometimes we can get them to career off the track into the bushes, that's great fun, what a life ! Hi big Molly here wee Bessie has much longer and sharper teeth now that she's grown up, she's still a midget though, she's a strong fast wee brawler though who would fight with her shadow and often does, she knows no fear and it's me who has to back her up when she starts a rammy with other dogs, usually big ugly brutes like Alsatians and lurchers with teeth like crocodiles. When this happens I immediately slip into Staffie mode and put the arm on them, some of them need a good slap before minding their manners, once I sink the choppers in I can hang on like a 'scrap yard mongrel' and that puts them off. Anyway the weathers been great and we are swimming and getting filthy and lying in the sun the boss says we stink but who cares, this beats Cardonald, I often think of my mates whom I left behind up there, I wish more people would rescue them, I can still hear their cries in the night when they are feeling lonely and unwanted. You can't guarantee a magnificent specimin like me but they are worth the effort, they just need another chance.

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