Sunday, May 16, 2010


I argued years ago that we (Labour) should never go in to a coalition with anyone; that was when we formed a pact with the Libdems in Holyrood, also at the last Council elections as Cllr. McCartin the Libdems loosely wrapped leader hawked herself around the hall between us and the SNP inviting bids for her services, I argued that we should tell her where to stick her offer; we didn’t but she joined the SNP anyway. That gave us a situation where the party who came last in the popular vote and 3rd. in the number of seats was in power. Likewise we have seen Clegg and his harlots swaggering around Westminster selling their loyalty to the highest bidder and again we see the party who came 3rd. and last in the popular vote go into Govt. this is the party who complain that the system is undemocratic the Libdems they have no shame. As I have said before they stand for nothing and they believe in nothing a more dishonest bunch of spineless characters would be impossible to find.

Politicians of every party throughout history have been caught doing “U Turns”; sometimes through dishonesty and sometimes because of changing circumstances but; what we have just witnessed by the Libdems is the equal of any barefaced display of hypocrisy and opportunism that I have ever witnessed. As I said earlier they believe in and stand for nothing; what would have been a deal breaker for these people? Can you think of anything? It’s a perfectly legitimate question. let’s try and find something; what are the big issues; not mine; not yours but their’s? Trident; well that’s pretty big eh – conceded to the Tories – Proportional Representation; they shall not be moved; not quite – conceded to the Tories, cuts not to start for a year – conceded to the Tories, Europe where the Libdems accused the Tories of being in league with nut cases homophobes and racists – conceded as well; let’s be sincere there is no deal breaker they would have accepted anything because they don’t actually believe in anything.

If you disagree with my portrayal of them consider this. Today Charlie Kennedy made the headlines as a big Libdem beast by trumpeting that he disagreed with the coalition. These are incredible times for this country said Charlie; so much so that he made a heartfelt speech to their members meeting today telling them why he did not support the leader’s decision. “Good for you Charlie” I hear you say; “that’s telling them Charlie boy” he finished his dramatic speech; an ex party leader opposing his party line enthralling stuff right? well not quite; he went on to abstain in the vote! a truly momentous decision and what gallantry what bravery, what a crock of bulldung. This folks is the Libdems and they are now in power it’s going to be a long and painful time with nonentities like this in control even if they only last a couple of months it will still be a long long time.

Labour should not deal with these people or anyone else; they will do a deal with anyone no matter what they stand for; they cannot be trusted. Just like the SNP when they did a treacherous deal with the Tories and gave us the Thatcher years and Salmond (the spiv) inadvertently told us that Thatchers economic policies were not really all that bad, they are all the same; we 'Labour' should stand alone and trust none of them.


John Maddox said...

Labour said Vote Labour to keep out the Tories.

Scots rejected a Tory government but Labour and the Liberals allowed a Tory government.

Anonymous said...

Err..if these LibDem opportunists are beneath contempt then what does that say about the people in Labour who want to doa deal with them?
I have never and never will support the Tories, my local Labour MP is an untrustworthy and incompetent drunk who, along with his party, supported an illegal and shameful war, the LibDems are empty opportunists, the SNP are just kilted idiots who think an imaginary line somewhere around Berwick determines character-only poetry can now save us and you should read Holderlin!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(John Maddox) 17/05/10
This was a British election; you have no case to make.

tom said...

Bottom line is you lost!!! your party caused the mess the country is in as did you and your colleagues in Renfrewshire when you ran the council here. perhaps if you spent get less time blogging and more time working you might somewhere. As for the Lib Dems, SNP & Tory in Renfrewshire at least they have some intelligence not like you and your sorry crew.
I hope you do get back into power in Renfrewshire then people will really see who the liars are, look forward to seeing you reopen libraries, reinstate school transport, reopen South School and keep Johnstone & Elderslie pools open!! Think I might even vote for you!!!!!!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(tom) 18/05/10
What I want to know is what have the Libdems the Tories and the SNP got that the monster raving loony party haven’t got or the BNP for that matter, don’t you think you are being unfair by excluding them?

Byeck said...

What have they (Tory, LibDem SNP) got that the MRLP, BNP - or Labour haven't?

They have power, Terry lad. Next question!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 19/05/10
I just thought that since philosophy or ideals were no barrier to these coalitions they were being unfair by excluding the MRLP and the BNP.

Anonymous said...


I bet Cllr McCartin and the Lib Dems can't wait for next years Hollywood elections, McCartin and Del boay will be getting ready for the move to the east coast, will and can Renfrewshire afford to lose such talented individuals.

I also hear that this act could and will instigate a leadership battle Royal in Renfrewshire, with the up and coming talents like Lorraine Cameron who always knows were the money is and the loveable Alan Noon, be back soon, not forgetting Bruce McFee, big bold and brash, it must be really interesting to be mixing with the higher sextillions of power and talent in Renfrewshire, oops forgot to mention, big
Fat, bolder Iain Nicholson’s.


Bill Manor

Anonymous said...

inadvertently told us that Thatchers economic policies were not really all that bad,

So did illustrious leader Blair and Gordon Brown when he licked her a##e in Downing Street.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 22/05/10
The SNP and the Libdems could be walking into the perfect storm at the next Holyrood elections if the last Scottish results are any guide; McCartin has already failed a couple of times while Del Boay might make the list which shows the paucity of talent available to them.

I am confident that the other four you mention will not all make it and I wouldn’t be surprised if McFee throws in the towel; there is only so much humiliation one man can take.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 12:08
This has become an SNP classic and I love reprinting it at every opportunity.

According to the SNP
(no other party is stupid enough to make such a claim BTW). When a sitting PM Gordon Brown; invites former PM Thatcher to tea it is the equivalent of Alex Salmond stating that “we Scots. didn’t mind Mrs. Thatcher’s economic policies, priceless just priceless.