Saturday, May 01, 2010


I asked a couple of days ago if anyone from the SNP could explain to me the completely incongruous stance of Alex (the spiv) Salmond. He supported the release of mass murderer Mr. al – Megrahi the Lockerbie Bomber and now declares that had another mass murderer Thomas Hamilton the Dunblane killer survived he would never have been released by the SNP Govt. A rather grubby position, I said then and I repeat it now; he reacted to a surprise question with an answer which he assumed would be populist; that is his character; no cheap shot; no stunt or sham is low enough for this man not to use it if he sees an advantage.

He has now broken cover with a blatant and appalling distortion to excuse his Janus faced statement; he claims now to have made that statement because Mr. Hamilton would not pass the “first principle” of Scottish Prison Service guidance for release on compassionate grounds that - the offender’s release – should not create the risk of re-offending or endanger public safety. That is simply a cop out; he was asked if he would release Hamilton if like Megrahi he met the correct criteria; would he be treated the same; with an intuitive display of rat like cunning he immediately saw the danger of saying Hamilton should be released like Megrahi; Salmond (the spiv) reverted to type the deceitful populist politician dodged the truth.

He; the (spiv) Salmond is trying to get us to let him away with this nonsense. Has he; as his answer suggests the medical knowledge; the psychiatric training; the expertise in criminology to make such a decision? Did he agree to Megrahi’s release because of his vast knowledge of cancer? Would he know how long a man would have to live in Megrahi’s circumstances? No of course he wouldn’t; he accepted the word of the experts and rightly supported the release. Notwithstanding the fact that he should never have been released out of the country it was right to release him.

Two things are now happening; Salmond believes that he can get away with anything; hence the egotism which leads to the adoption of such a crude position and the greater conceit of trying to brazen it out. He also shows himself to be a coward because; if you support the compassionate release of a prisoner based on decisions taken by those who have the experience and proficiency in such matters then; if you have any integrity and honour that should remain your position you can’t pick and mix for your own shameful political advantage.

Let me ask this serious question again, imagine two prisoners; both mass murderers; both incurably ill and both close to death; neither is considered a re-offending risk nor do they represent a danger to the public. Is it the case Mr. Salmond that you would support the release of both using the criteria which you supported in the case of the Lockerbie Bomber or would one be denied release by you if you considered that person’s release to be politically damaging to you. If Mr. Hamilton had survived and later presented with identical circumstances as those in al- Megrahi’s case would you support release and if not why not.


Anonymous said...

ooohh! not 'Janus' faced again.

You are a complete bore. the Labour party is down on its uppers, no more bussing in students from England to fight your elections, no more unions unswerving cheque book loyalty. Cant even deliver a leaflet anymore. the SNP are stomping all over previous Labour 'Strongholds' and you sit all day gaining weight at the PC busy being an armchair socialist. How come all your 'Socialist/Militant' comrades Henry et al are coining it in, while you sit around being a drain on the NHS?

Get a Thesaurus in the Kelly household and double its literal capacity, or is that one book too many?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 16:42
I wonder then what is the most repetitive is it me with “Janus face” or is it the SNP with “bussing in students from Engurland” The sasanach B******s, we will see about “strongholds” when you win those 20 seats right.
This post written by me is quite long and makes very specific attacks on your glorious leader Alex (the spiv) Salmond; repetition again eh. Why have you not taken me on with an argument? Are you not up to it?

G Laird said...

Dear Mr. Kelly

Megrahi was released because he applied for it after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Also there are serious concerns about the way in which his trial was handled, read Robert Black.

Hamilton was quite clearly mad, and if he had the same health condition, he would still represent a serious danger to the public.

The release of Megrahi was based on medical evidence; Kenny MacAskill made a sound judgement call.

The London based Labour Party which you are a member wanted Megrahi transferred to Libya in a grubby attempt to help oil companies win concessions.

The SNP Government released Megrahi on compassionate grounds.

Although meeting the health criteria is helpful, the public interest test must also apply.

Megrahi passed both, Hamilton would not.

I have never heard Alex Salmond claim the knowledge you list as one of his many talents in your post.

There is nothing wrong with Alex Salmond’s thinking but I would definitely say there is scope for you to get up on the couch.

Each case is judged on its merits.

Can you grasp that simple concept?

Did you become a Councillor because no one else wanted to do it?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(George Laird) 02/05/10

You have made 10 separate points here I will address them chronologically.

1/ agree 2/agree

3/ wrong; Hamilton killed himself before anyone had the chance to determine what his mental condition was; perhaps you could enlighten us as to how you arrived at that verdict? It’s easy for us as laymen or anyone else to come out with the stock responses and say oh he was a crazy man? But the facts are no-one knows. You yourself go on to say “If he had the same health condition he would still represent a danger to the public” Even if we assume that he was mentally ill and dangerous at the time of the crime (A reasonable assumption albeit a non professional one) no-one; not you not Salmond (the spiv); not me and none of the experts are in a position to say what he would be like if tested years later while facing death; if you can find an expert who is willing to state what Hamilton’s condition would be like say 5, 15, 20 years later then I would love to contact him/her and have a word.

4/ Release was correct but sending him back to Libya was a mistake.

5/ Wrong more highly subjective drivel.

6/ Wrong if that was the case they would not be in this mess over the hypothetical question of Hamilton.

7/ Agreed; and if he is judged to be not dangerous and does not a carry a threat of reoffending he passes the public interest test just like Megrahi.

8/ Wrong; no one can say whether Hamilton would pass the test either then or had he survived and been tested years later while terminally ill.

9/ Nonsense; he; Alex (the spiv) is now talking in the hypothetical case of Hamilton as if he has all of this expertise; that is my point. It is only the people who actually have this type of knowledge who have any legitimacy.
I will ignore the rest of your sneering dim-witted remarks; ‘the spiv’ will always get away with such duplicity as long as his party is full of naive fools like you.

10/ There is nothing wrong with Salmond (the spiv’s) thinking on this matter, he is comprehensible; lucent and utterly fraudulent.

Unknown said...

The saddest thing about you is you claim to be a socialist and you are in the LABOUR party! So, I'm guessing you're a Weegie who still lives in the 1950s?

Unknown said...

Actually reading a few more of your paragraphs (it is hard to stick too many at a time) it reminds me of the way me and my brothers used to call each other names because we were frustrated with each other.... Of course, Alex Salmond is lucent with clear goals which everyone knows: He sticks up for Scotland when nobody else (least of all, you) does and takes day after day of Soviet style anti-SNP/anti-independence propaganda yet still they cannot find real dirt on him, the SNP or the independence movement. He believes in independence as do many. He is trying to show the world that Scotland is still alive, it is not dead yet, and we are not English, and we can make our own decisions from now on, stick two fingers up to those who will have us influenced or told what to do (ie USA, and the "UK" which the whole world outside here calls "England"), and at the same time earn respect from most of the world for having the guts to make mature decisions on our own and re-establish a sense of care in this country which frankly has been dissipating over the past few decades. Yes it makes Scotland look caring, but also independent minded and thus a country to respect, whether they agree with the decision or not, we MADE a decision without London.

Now where on Earth is your great Tovarisch Brown heading? To "change"? To where, change just because we're bored with the present?! Where's the substance? He has no clear direction whatsoever and people feel powerless in the UK to have any influence over their politicians. Yes there's an election on Thursday, but it's a very indirect and (futile in many constituencies) way of directing the UK. Alex Salmond is also plenty lucent in that he really despises some of his political opponents (eg Jim Murphy, who also despises Alex Salmond!) I think the real con-artists are the Labour party who claim to be socialists but are making right wing policies not to mention their interest in military occupations abroad. And you seem well and truly duped! I despair for as long as peoples attitudes centre around knowing nothing about politics we will be shafted on. We know the phrases well: "ma faither votit labour afore me, an a'll vote labour tae, it jist doesnae seem right no tae"..."the workin man's pairty!"

Yeah in the 1930s!

Whenever I see that sickening Jim Murphy now THAT is a liar, plain as day! (see his dance with the grannies of Renfrew) with the gift of the gab but I think he only fools old women nowadays who want to mother his skinny frame! Jim Murphy is really a vile character who is basically doing Scotland down at every turn. And him in the "Scottish Office"? Rant over, thank you, good luck :)

PS dont know if this went the first time?

Unknown said...

Oh I'm not FROM the SNP or FROM any party but I am inclined to favour them, which is made especially easy when I take a look at the Labour Party.

Unknown said...

Oh Jesus, it was Kenny MacAskill who made the decision and here's you (a common tactic used by Unionists I've observed) ignoring that fact and wittering on about Alex Salmond as if he makes all the rules as some kind of dictator and rules Scotland on his whims...that's what you want people to think.

You will know this but you won't admit it: The SNP are more than Alex Salmond, there are many, many supporters of the SNP. What must really annoy you is that frankly too many Scottish people are learning too much nowadays to put up with your anti-Scottish bile and despite all the propaganda in the newspapers highlighting every possible flaw they can find on the SNP and Alex Salmond, often depicting him as a Nazi-style dictator, despite all of that, the Independence movement continues to be a force for great hope and possibility in Scotland.

Well Ochil and South Perthshire will turn SNP, as they encroach ever closer to the old labour strongholds of Glasgow in central Scotland. In fact theyll be knocking on the door of my own constituency when they get to Ochil...which is a lovely feeling.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(rossmc) 03/05/10
There is only one party that I know of where the leader and first minister and one of his senior ministers can disagree so fundamentally about such a high profile massive case and not one single member of that party dares to mention the fact that’s the SNP.

Total cowardly silence it’s just as well that not all Scots. are such cowards.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

You are not from the SNP well what can Isay; some people might not believe that.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

You could have saved a lot of time by saying "I'm an anti Engurlish racist and proud of it"

Just think what you could be like if you were SNP?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(rossmc) 03/05/10
You are clearly a racist nationalist; I would imagine you spend a lot of time polishing your Jackboots and combing your wee tartan sporran as well as ironing you tartan frock. You’ve got a “see you Jimmy wig haven’t you”

Byeck said...

Oh dear, Coffin-dodger-gate,(Lab)Twittergate,(Lab) Bigot-gate,(Lab) Dont unpack, you're going back-gate, (Lab) and now 'Brown is worst PM ever-gate' (Lab PPC, NW Norfolk)

Seems to me that being barmy is a pre-requisite for prospective Labour MP's...get in there Kelly...fill yer're better qualified than most.

Sprite said...

You remember your outrage when one of the Royal Princes was pictured in Nazi uniform?

Well, guess what, Ed Balls, enjoying a night out with fellow members of an exclusive Oxford University drinking club, dressed as - yes, you've already guessed it haven't you?

Any comments?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 04/05/10
You have had plenty of time to say something interesting; sensible; thoughtful or even semi literate and you have failed.

Even the election has failed to get you to raise your game above immature name calling. When I resume after the election I will have to consider your position you are not worth the tiny effort of answering you anymore.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Sprite) 04/05/10
Balls the drunken nondescript student among tens of thousands of other students was having a laugh and would never have thought that in later life he would be smeared by the increasingly panicky Tory press because of it. He is a highly intelligent man who has achieved high office in the service of his country.

On the other hand; Prince halfwit from the Nazi tainted Royal Family perhaps thought no one would know him; by contrast he will live a completely useless life with riches beyond the dreams of avarice paid for by us. Balls acted in dubious taste but mentioning him and the halfwit Harry in the same breath is risible.

Byeck said...

Kelly @ 5.22

Quite right Big T - having re-read my post of 6.32, have to agree it doesn't meet my usual erudite standards.

In mitigation can only say that a Labour PPC calling Brown the worst PM we've ever had and telling him to apologise to the Queen, floated my boat to an extent not experienced since my Hippy days. Quite sent me over the edge. Sorry..wont happen again until you make Harriet leader.

Unknown said...

PPS don't you assume I'm anti-this, anti-that or anti-anything - you don't know me and are clutching at straws in doing that. I assume you are frustrated at your life (I assume? - As neither do I know anything about you) spent in the Labour Party and seeing where the party is nowadays would be enough to upset, anyone, coupled with the need to hold onto your job during tough times, which were worsened by who? - YOUR OWN MAIN MAN GORDON BROWN UNDER NULABOUR! Nulabour - when it suits them to sound trendy, and just plain Labour when they want to talk about how 3 generations ago their forebears initiated the NHS. It's a bad way to run a country. My postal vote has been sent.

Unknown said...

I have just seen your final comment on me calling me a racist nationalist, followed by a charicature of a Scotsman wearing a "frock". Where did I say something racist? I'm not racist but I don't really care what you say.

I don't know if it's just me but the way you second guess me as telling me:

"you spend a lot of time polishing your Jackboots and combing your wee tartan sporran as well as ironing you tartan frock. You’ve got a “see you Jimmy wig haven’t you” "

would be deemed racist by anyone with a pea sized brain, right? I don't know what Jackboots are and I take it the see you jimmy hats are they ginger tartan things? No I havent got one (although came close to buying one for a foreign friend once but the price was stupid so I didn't bother) BUT I do have an interest and passion for Scotland, but not your silly characatures which if you actually were Scottish you'd know are not at all real. Now what is it with you trying to second-guess me? :D

I fair enjoy it cuz you're always so wrong.

How can you call me racist on the basis that I support independence, and then flaunt such mocking views of a "Scotsman"? "Frock"? I thought in my area they wore Trews not Kilts.

Please tell me where I said something racist.

Are Irish people racist for leaving the UK? Are Canadians racist for obtaining independence? Is an Latvian racist because he is glad to be called a Latvian and not a "Russian" anymore and glad to see the back of the military minded USSR?

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

'Chronologically'...hee hee-by date? Perhaps you intend 'sequentially'?
The 'lumpen' are not part of the 'socialist' future. We do not tolerate enfeebled mental parasites. You are to be sent to a re-education camp!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 05/05/10
I have no idea what that was about; possibly the strangest thing of the election; reassuring though that you took it at face value.
I suppose it’s too much to hope that if you continue to write to me that you might raise your game a bit; I’ve been doing this for a quite a while and the lack of mental stimulation in dealing with some of you is wearing me down.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(rossmc) 05/05/10

“you don't know me”
Oh I know you all right; and the other racist reactionaries like you; cowering behind anonymity and a pseudonym doesn’t hide what you are.
Your other posts will not be published because of your gutter language; you need to learn some decent standards.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(rossmc) 05/05/10

“you don't know me”
Oh I know you all right; and the other racist reactionaries like you; cowering behind anonymity and a pseudonym doesn’t hide what you are.
Your other posts will not be published because of your gutter language; you need to learn some standards I can't imagine what kind of upbringing you have had.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(rossmc) 05/05/10
Your rather clumsy use of the word is quite interesting.
“which if you actually were Scottish you'd know are not at all real”
Declaring that Scots. could not possibly hold views like mind is I’m afraid arrogant and yes; racist.
“BUT I do have an interest and passion for Scotland”
More racism; I to have a passion for my country but unlike yours mine does not allow me to lie about it.
The old classic nonsense about the Irish; the Canadians etc. if you only had the sense to look at your own language; you are a classic English hater because you need someone to blame for your inadequacies; it couldn’t possibly be your own fault or Scotland’s own fault when things go wrong could it?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Is there an argument in there somewhere? Have you anything to say about the post?