Thursday, October 26, 2006


Old Bill Martin while a member of the SNP tried to gag me by reporting me to the Standards Commission and the Police because of my article on the scandal of the SNP and the homophobic Mormon Brigham Young University. Just to let you know that he has failed. More about this later.
OCTOBER 31 ST. 06 It seems like ages ago since Old Bill Martin (SNP no more) clyped on me to the Police and the Standards Commission, this, like the rest of his ghastly political life has been an abject failure. So the SNP ! still in bed with the American Mormon bigots, supporting the Glasgow firemen homophobic bigots, attacking the gay and lesbian community on adoption and gay marriage. Let's get serious here, SNP MSP's Brian Adam, Roseanna Cunningham and Fergus Ewing, homophobes all, are still spinning around within the SNP. Why is Salmond so quite about this scandal ? my guess is that, just like his fear of the monarchy issue, he's a coward. Meanwhile the Cllrs. ousted by the SNP because of their commitment to independence Martin and Vassie continue to stand up to the Renfrewshier SNP bullies led by Cllr. MacKay, that's another Nat mess !


Anonymous said...

Roseanna Cunningham homophobic? Haven`t heard that myself. She is, I know, a Catholic. Are all Catholics homophobes? Will you condemn them as such. Would you accept that there are Mormons who may, in fact, be gay themselves? Have you spoken with any of the people from Brigham Young Uni that you talk about (and defame).

I know Michael McMahon MSP (Lab) is a committed catholic. His faith is anti-gay - will you condemn him in the same terms?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

She voted against Gay adoption - All Catholics are not homophobes - I won't condemn them as such because their not - there may be gay Mormons ( God help them )read BYU's statements you don't need to talk to them - I can't condemn Mr. McMahons views because I don't know them but if you are saying that being Catholic or Mormon for that matter means you are de facto anti gay then I disagree - the Catholic church now agrees that the earth goes round the sun despite torturing Galileo for saying just that, and some Mormons no longer consider black people as sub human so you never know - you should read some past Holyrood Bills there's one signed by Labour, Greens and SSP which accuses BYU of driving gay students to suicide, did I say something worse than that ? You forgot to mention that well known gay cabaret act 'Big Butch Fergus and the Firemen'

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, I would rather live in Utah, a state run by Mormons than in Scotland, a country run by Christophobes like you.

However, I just want to clarify this - are you saying that Brian Adam hired BYU students to work as interns, and they were in fact working as "Missionaries"? If so, that is a scandal.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

You are entitled to your view as I am, and I say that Mormonism is a sinister cult which bares no relation to Christianity, they exploit vulnerable people.

I said that Brian Adam, who is a Mormon was responsible for placing young Mormons in work as 'interns' at the Scottish Parliament and, based on the attitude of the Mormon Church to Homosexuals and lesbians I consider that scandalous. I don't know what they do in their spare time.

Anonymous said...

Mr Kelly - I find it astonishing that you claim to be against discrimination yet are extremely offensive. Reporting you to the Standards Committee was not an effort to gag you - but to discipline you for your imflamatory offensive langauge.

Your comments about Mormons suggest a deep rooted ignorance of who they are and what they believe in. I am a latter-day-saint and my church leader is a black man from Zambia. In our local group (Manchester) we have people from all economic backgrounds, nationalities and races worshipping togethet as equals.

You wouldn't know that because like all prejudiced people you have never taken the time to learn about the people you criticise. Your hypocracy is beyond belief.

I should tell you, I am also a member of the Labour Party and the Campaign Officer responsible for beating a prominent Tory MP at the next election. I have a good mind to use my own free speach within the party to have you removed before you embarrass it further.