Monday, October 23, 2006


The depths to which Israel will sink in their persecution of the Palestinians should never be over estimated. One of the ways a young Palestinian can progress and help his people is through education, that is why the brutal Israeli Govt. operates a ban on Palestinian students attending Israeli universities. Students from all over the world can attend but not students from Palestine, how appalling is that ? they have taken everything from them and now they won't allow them to pursue an education, this is part of their policy of genocide, Israel should be ostracised by the rest of the world community starting with us. They (the Israelis) should ask themselves if there is any difference between burning books (remember that ?) and discriminating against Palestinians by refusing them access to Israeli universities, they can't get much lower, or can they ? They have just admitted to using Phosphorous weapons in Lebanon, these are regarded as chemical weapons by many organisations, so I ask again can they sink any lower ? If I was Jewish I would be ashamed of Israel.

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neil craig said...

ukslnThe possibility that Palestinians attending a univesity, as with Palestinians attending shopping malls, buses etc, might tend to explode presumably hasn't occurred to you.

This is another example of how, the Intifada has damaged ordinary Palestinians more than Israelis by making it impossible for these 3rd world people to cummute daily, as they used to, to 1st world jobs in Israel. The Palestinian leaders have thus created an economic basket case dependent on subsidy - an achievement not dissimilar to that of west of Scotland Labour councillors.