Friday, October 20, 2006

Ferguslie Park

Ferguslie Park has been named 'the worst place to live in Scotland' by a deprivation survey from the Scottish Exec. Attacking poverty and deprivation is laudable but who ever is in charge of their public relations should be sacked. Did anyone spare a thought for the good people of the area ? the school child now being pointed at by other pupils, the person at work being looked down on, the damage to the morale of everyone who lives there and fights to make their area better, the damage to property prices, has anyone at the Scottish Exec. in fact got a thought to spare. Heartless, unfeeling and crude, that's what they are, how anyone can treat people like this is beyond me, and to compound the felony their information is two years out of date so we can add in lazy and amateurish, did they look up, or make up these statistics ? The SNP in the shape of the truly awful and malicious Christine Graham MSP, slithered on to the bandwagon saying Labour ministers should hang their heads in shame. So for her and the SNP and their shameful past, I say this, Ferguslie Park more than most estates, suffered greatly under the dark, awful Thatcher years, most of the area's employment came from the Mills and the Car factory, all gone ! We will never forget that the SNP brought Thatcher to power, communities were decimated and we are still trying to recover. Any heads hanging in shame should start with Christine Graham and the SNP. Folk around here still refer to " Paisley's shame " when the Paisley SNP joined a co - alition with the despised Tories to form the administration, wee braveheart SNP Cllr. Jim Mitchell was first to capitulate, the price of his principles was a convenership ( parcel o rogues indeed ) We, the people, know who the guilty one's are, the class traitors of the SNP.


Anonymous said...

And, of course, since then the Labour Party has made the journey to fully-fledged Thatcherism itself!
Now there's a slap in the teeth for the people of Ferguslie Park.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you spent a little less time blogging and a little more time fighting for your constituents ........ ????