Friday, October 27, 2006


Tory leader David Cameron's recent visit to Scotland was attacked by the SNP's increasingly crazed leader soapy Salmond. Does this mean that they ( the SNP ) will refuse to help them ( the Tories ) to get back into power in the way they did in the past ? can we also assume that the SNP in Renfrewshire will not join a coalition with the Tories as they did in the past ? We deserve to know.
SNP EMBARRASS US YET AGAIN. When you see on TV someone make a statement to the effect that Scots are more compassionate than people south of the border ( they're too feart to say English now ) how do you feel ? do you squirm and say what a loony ? do you think, he's just a loose cannon with nothing between the ears ? Well, the speaker was Kenny McCaskill SNP MSP the same Tartan Army ' come ahead, bovver boy' Kenny who got thrown in the slammer by the London rozzers when he went to see Scotland play England at Wembley, he was tired and emotional at the time apparently. Do you, like me, wonder what kind of scientific analysis prompted him to come to this conclusion ? maybe he's been on the ' gargle ' again, people of Scotland should ponder the fact that this dissolute fool is one of the SNP's big hitters, what's that all about ? he also wants your vote !


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know the SNP have a prohibition of being in coalition with the Tories, its longstanding and fairly well known.

Labour have though worked in coalition in differnt councils in Scotland over the years, and Dumfires and Galloway council just now has a minority Labour council workign closely with the Tories. Lest we forget that Goldie has offered McConnell a coalition after the 2007 elections already.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous coward you didn't mention the SNP voting with the Tories to bring us Thatcher or the Official SNP/Tory pact in Renfrewshire, are you a liar as well as a coward ?