Tuesday, June 01, 2010


May 31st. 20 10 approx. 4am Middle East time and a small flotilla of boats carrying aid for Gaza is attacked by Israeli storm troopers and 10 at the last count are now dead and hundreds wounded. The shipment? Medicine; powdered milk; baby’s nappies; building materials and wheel chairs etc. dangerous objects obviously to the brutal and out of control state of Israel who continue to behave like rabid dogs; there appears to be no end to their immorality. Why are they allowed to get away with it? America that’s why; midday yesterday the American Vice President Joe Biden was asked to comment on what took place as he was getting into his car and he said he didn’t know anything about it; if you ever wondered how powerful the Jewish lobby is in America there is an example for you right there.

The Israeli propaganda machine which Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of is now working at full speed and some gems are spewing forth to pollute the circumstances. Stuff that only an arrogant uncontrollable bunch of cold blooded killers would have the nerve to come out with; such as “there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza” “those on the ships were armed” “they; (the humanitarian activists) caused the violence” “Israel supplies Gaza with all the aid it needs” “those so called humanitarian activists were militants and they wanted trouble and they got it” and best of all; the ‘chutzpah prize’ goes to “Israel regrets the loss of any life” Liars; murderers; torturers; racists; war criminals; illegal occupiers, the charges against the rogue State of Israel could hardly be graver but the developed western world looks the other way; they are without any shame or pity. When Mahatma Gandhi was asked what he thought about western civilization? He replied “I think it would be a good idea” oh how accurate he was and; all these years later Israel continues to prove that we the western world are not entitled to call ourselves civilized and we will never be civilized as long as the State of Israel is allowed to continue killing torturing and imprisoning innocent people.

One of the quotes from Israel was to the effect “they were asking for trouble and they got it” Such is Israel’s conceit that they want us to give some kind of credence to the following scenario. We are humanitarian activists and we are on board the aid vessel; we are aware of the impending Israeli attack and our leader addresses the people on the deck and says something like this. “We are about to be attacked by an elite squad of highly trained and well equipped commandos from one of the biggest and most modern military powers in the world they are aboard gun boats and helicopters and are all fully trained experts at hand to hand fighting. They will be using tear gas and carrying weapons such as knives; sub machine guns and side arms. I want you all to get sticks; pieces of metal piping and go to the kitchens and find knives and get ready for them because we are spoiling for trouble and we are going to beat the c**p out of them” That is the official Israeli line honest to God it is; they are saying “it was them (the boat people) who caused the violence; they wanted trouble” it’s beyond parody; Monty Python would regard such a sketch as too stupid for words but Israel couldn’t care less.



Anonymous said...

I am sure your Labour MP (Mr. Sheridan) will be able to assist- don't hold your breath !!! I saw him on the telly a few days ago complining that he would have to account for his expenses - poor soul.

Did I see you at the Sherrif Court today ? Why were you there ?

Byeck said...

Gospel according to Kelly: 'Israel has 200/300 nukes!' And 'Hundreds wounded' on the 'Peace Flotilla.'

I suppose you have evidence to support both these allegations, dear boy?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 01/06/10
Jim Sheridan increased his majority again and he will continue in that way as long as his main opponents the SNP continue to run nonentities against him and run away from the fight. I attended a hustings one night where the SNP candidate did not even have the bottle to take part, he sat in the audience and kept shtum; obviously they were not serious with this guy as a candidate.

Did I see you at the Sherrif Court today ? Why were you there ?

Who are you and why were you there?

Willy said...

From the footage i saw, the "humanitarian aid workers" started the violence.

I long for the day when Mr average sees these "charities" for what they are.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Willy) 11:14
I know as do others that there are people like you out there but when you crawl out from under your stone you make people’s skin crawl.

Anonymous said...


Who supplied the material needed to make nukes? Thats right your pals, the yanks.

Israel is a democracy, albeit a looney one but it has been backed up to the hilt by your party, so cut out the Uriah Heep hand wringing.

There's been more condemnation from the new government in the last day than from Labour in 13 years of Israeli atrocities.

Sofa still Comfy?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 13:00
“Thats right your pals, the yanks”

My pals? What colour is the sky in your world then?

Since when did a democracy have two distinct categories of citizens; did you know that there is an official cap on numbers of Arab MP’s in the Knesset?

Your comment about the new Govt. is a snivelling attempt to move the debate away from Israel’s crimes; you criticise me ludicrously for not going to fight against Israel and you think this matter so important that you won’t even put your name to your apologies for their evil.

Anonymous said...

I did not mention the SNP. I just pointed out the Mr. Sheridan's first TV interviw was about his expense account and how unfair it was that he had to account for it ! He could not give a damn for the poor souls in Gaza (or Iraq or Afganistan for that matter).

I have to work in the Sherrif Court sometimes what's your excuse ???

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 02/06/10
I simply mentioned the SNP and their ludicrous candidates because they are our distant runners up, you sound a bit paranoid.
I’m in court occasionally because I’m a judge.

Can you point out what this has to do with the Israeli's murderous attack; I can't see anything about it in what you have sent.

Anonymous said...

"From the footage i saw, the "humanitarian aid workers" started the violence."

Huh? Am I seeing things? An aid flotilla, in international waters, is boarded illegally by armed troops and the aid workers started the violence? Shome mishtake shurely.

Tel, I wouldn't be too scathing of Israel's form of democracy. Remember you thought Cuba was a democracy, a nation where all representatives are returned unopposed, since opposition is not permitted.

Jim Lewis

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 04/06/10
It’s quite simple Israel claims to be a democracy and it is not.

Cuba has election turn outs of 95% in a different system from ours; all their candidates are various shades of left and of course they would claim that our pathetic turn outs are for candidates who are all various shades of Capitalist.

We allow far left parties to run because we know they have no chance if they did we would ban them.

Anonymous said...

Terry, unopposed does not mean that there are different candidates, left or not. Unopposed means that a candidate is the only candidate. Ergo, there is no election, only an electorate forced to vote and since there is only one candidate, it is a rubber stamp exercise. The ruling party selects the candidates, so it actually selects the representatives. Israel, on the other hand, does not operate that way. They allow candidates of any political hue to stand, Arabs included. So constitutionally steeped in their form of democracy are they that they have never in their history had a majority government. Where they do fall down is in the selection of Prime Minister. That decision is made by the nominal head of state, and this time I believe a large error was made. Nethanyahu is quite definitely a hawk, and his selection, despite his party not being the largest single party, was a recipe for disaster, which seems once more to be befalling Israel.

You can argue until you're blue in the face about Cuba but the facts are indisputable. If two candidates do not stand in an election, it is not, by definition, an election.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 06/06/10

“They allow candidates of any political hue to stand, Arabs included”

I have already told you that there is a cap on the amount of Arabs who are allowed to take seats in the Knesset; Arabs are barred from buying land in certain areas: Israel is therefore de facto an undemocratic state.

I believe that Cuba need not take any lessons in democracy from us or Israel or America, they are a communist state and elect communist candidates and we are a capitalist state and we elect capitalist candidates.

Cubans elect candidates from many sources like Factory workers unions health workers community organisations etc. and they do so to the tune of 95% turn outs that seems OK to me.

Anonymous said...

An election is a formal decision-making process by which a population chooses an individual to hold public office. 'Chooses' is the operative word here. If there is only one candidate, the only 'choice' is whether to turn up. Since that would incur the wrath of the authorities, again, there is no choice. An election can only be an election with two or more candidates.

I never suggested Israel could teach Cuba any lessons. However, in view of the fact that Israel does at least have multiple candidates, they can reasonably claim to be a democracy. They do not ban Arab candidates, but they do ban some Arab parties who they feel are a threat. In this, they are wrong, undoubtedly.You yourself support a first-past-the-post system, which renders less powerful the vote cast by each citizen.

Jim Lewis

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 10/06/10
Cuba also has multiple candidates they elect them differently and far far more people vote for them.

“Israel can reasonably claim to be a democracy”

No they can’t they are a two tier society and they practice apartheid.

“They do not ban Arab candidates”

Jim you can do better; they restrict the numbers of Arab members of the Knesset if that is not banning candidates I don’t know what is.

First past the post is our system and it is under threat by people who want to change the rules because they are unable to get enough people to support them.

IMO opinion the PR alternatives rob people of their vote because as we have just seen people who voted Tory and Libdem got neither.

There is a guy called Lieberman who is Israel’s foreign Secretary (I think) he is a very powerful figure and he is a dangerous right wing racist lunatic, he is in a position of great power despite having only 4 members of the Govt.

This is the equivalent of Nick Griffin of the BNP holding the balance of power with a handful of seats in a hung parliament. That’s what PR does.