Friday, June 04, 2010


Today I read that 6 of the people murdered on the Gaza Flotilla were killed by the same lunatic Israeli soldier, one man kills 6 people who were described by the Israeli liars as armed terrorists who were trying to kill them; well what can you say about this guy; does he wear his underpants outside his trousers or what? The dead were described in various lurid terms as fanatics who were out to kill Israeli soldiers and they were carrying weapons; the most charitable thing one can say is they were not very proficient killers were they? Israel with no apparent sense of incongruity are considering this soldier for a bravery medal; honestly. I have also been wondering about the Israeli version of events and come to the conclusion that they are calculatingly insulting the rest of the civilized world; they are going to some lengths to say “see what we are capable of; don’t mess with us; we are blood soaked kill crazy lunatics”

Anyway as far as the medal for this cold blooded killer is concerned I have to spoil their sick joke by telling them that the great Jewish writer Joseph Heller got there before them. In the comic novel masterpiece ‘Catch 22’ The American Air Force in Italy in WW11 are sent out to bomb a target and the aircrews can’t spot any enemy threat in fact it’s a small fishing village. The aircrews know that they can’t return with their bombs intact so they bomb the bay next to the village and the villagers are delighted at the dead fish which wash up.

The American Air Force using a shared logic which is now used by Israel decide to make up a heroic story and give all the men on the raid a medal; rather than admit to a blunder; the scene where the medals are handed out by a General Dreedle played by Orson Wells will stay in my memory for ever, the narrator Captain Yossarian can’t have his medal pinned on because he turns up at the parade stark naked. I reckon that this is not unlike the IDF right now; completely out of control or as Norman Finkelstein the radical left wing American scholar and Palestinian supporter said the other day “Israel is now a Lunatic State” Catch 22 though was hilarious black comedy; Gaza is anything but.


Anonymous said...

Let me simplify this for you, Councillor: If I have a gun and you are stupid enough to come at me with a knife, then, and it doesn't matter whether I'm a member of the IDF or the Salvation Army, you are going to be shot.

Now that isn't incongruous - what is, is that a sacked Speaker and a sexual predator from Hull, both get peerages.

Clean up your own midden, before starting on someone elses, Councillor

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 04/06/10
Well you are a real tough guy aren’t you?

Anyone who shoots dead 6 people armed with wooden sticks; iron bars or knives is a psychopathic thug and Israel should be ashamed of putting a uniform on such people not giving the head case a medal.

Do you really think you can distract this issue by talking about Westminster? You are obviously a bit stupid as well as ‘tough’

Anonymous said...

Share your thoughts, councillor. You have gun and people are coming at you with sticks, iron bars and knives.

What would you do?

Byeck said...

Councillor, in your post 31st May, you said there were nine dead and hundreds wounded.

You lied, didn't you.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 05/06/10

It is becoming more and more obvious that apologists for murder and brutality like you are going to have to find another set of lies to tell and, before you do that you could explain how Israeli commandos defend themselves against someone attacking them by shooting the attacker in the back of the head from a distance of 2-3feet?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 05/06/10

No I didn’t and I don’t lie that was part of the initial information. We are now being told that 5 days after the murders 6 people are still missing and the Israeli murderers defended themselves by shooting their attackers in the back of the head several times from a distance of 2-3 feet.

Is it beyond you to address that instead of trying to avoid the truth?

Byeck said...

Is 'shot in the back of the head several times at a range 2-3 feet' from the same source as 'Hundreds wounded?'

Councillor, naive, or a choose.

Anonymous said...


Something far worse has happened in Cumbria, but I see as a self righteous Socialist, you make no reference to the event, choosing instead to promote your own left wing agendas and self interests to the point of nausea.

I'm no great fan of the Zionist state in the middle east, or how they conduct themselves internationally. Yet the scales have been lifted from our eyes, in regards to Socialists such as yourself, and the term "The measure of the man", has never been so apt, as what the Odious Gordon Brown enacted without any public announcement, for no other reason than vindictive pettiness.

The money means nothing to somebody like Cameron I know. It's just the fact that Brown would do it in such an underhand way, as his one final act of malicious intent on his way out that leaves a bad taste.

Small, petty, arrogant, spiteful...

New Labour in a nutshell.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 06/06/10
If you have not heard or read this then you are either a liar or you are living in a cave, you choose.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Dazed And Confused) 07/06/10

“Something far worse has happened in Cumbria “

No it hasn’t you fool, all deaths are tragic but what happened to the people on the Gaza boat was state sponsored murder.

Using the tragedy which happened in Cumbria to attack me is beneath contempt; what kind of low life are you? No wonder you can’t use your name.

Anonymous said...

Quick Terry,

Try and regain the moral high ground, because without it, Socialists such as yourself, would wither and fade to nothing, in a state of outright helplessness.

The ordinary "Joe" in the street, realises that there's two sides to the repeated carnage in Palestine. You of course would report only one, and thus yet again, make this issue polarised politics, of either "your with me or against me left wing crusade", to which a fair section of this Country will never respond.

Ho Hum.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Dazed And Confused) 17:08

“Try and regain the moral high ground”

I live on the moral high ground.

“The ordinary "Joe" in the street, realises that there's two sides to the repeated carnage in Palestine”

What street do you live on ‘delusional Street’? Let’s have the other side then and we will have a look at it.

You seem to have dropped those poor Cumbrians rather quickly have you no more use for them already?

Byeck said...

Kelly @ 11.29

'Shot in the back of the head, 2-3 times.'

I ask, yet again, for your source, Councillor.

Anonymous said...

There's no point in talking about the recent Cumbrian outrage to you, as Socialists such as yourself care far more about your causes elsewhere in the World, where you can pass holy judgement from your self righteous parapet.

If you resided anywhere else but Scotland, then you'd realise that in the rest of the Country, Socialist stock had dipped beneath the water line, so to speak, and so when you, (as a Socialist) and I quote: "Live on the moral high ground", comments like These just aren't going down too well, amongst the rank and file of the British public, and I dare say that you yourself would be ideologically aligned closer to John McDonald than say David Miliband. You may well agree with McDonald's sentiments on Maggie Thatcher too, but to spell it out for cheap applause at some union congress, shows the Labour movement far removed from the moral high ground, but punch drunk on the floor.

Could a Tory say that about Gordon Brown without a passing comment from you I wonder?

The ideology of Israel was built on the notion of "This will never happen to our people again" after Hitler and his cronies had attempted outright liquidation, and I would doubt that initial ethos has ever changed. Therefore, to be ringed by Countries that would readily wipe her off the map, and without a moments hesitation, plays hard on Israels paranoia and makes peace an unlikely outcome, not just now, but forever, until the Zionist state is no more, or another Middle Eastern war, (possibly nuclear) has decided on a victor.
Are the Israelis duplicitous and often bloodthirsty? Yes!... Do they take much notice of U.N. resolutions? No!......Do they manipulate the U.S.A. through congress, to further their own agenda? Yes.....Should they have been able to set up their Zionist State in the middle east in the late 1940s?....Well would you personally have stood up against them, after what their people had just been through, and with the entire Planets sympathies still resounding in their favour?...Are the Palestinian people suffering because of the current situation? Of course.....Yet when creatures such as Ahmedinajad is playing the situation to his own advantage, to gain favourable press with Israels enemies, then Israel wont change, and can always use the words of madmen such as he, to carry on with their ambitions of expansion, readily and as they please.

What can be done? No idea. Yet as Palestine is estensively seen as a left wing cause throughout the length and breadth of Britain, your own either "With me this or against this line", ain't gonna travel much further than the usual Socialist sects.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Dazed And Confused) 07/06/10

You are a complete fraud and your determination to use the murders in Cumbria to boost your very weak argument is nothing short of warped.

Likewise your attempt to actually accuse John McDonald of being serious is even more warped; we expect it from the Hitler supporting Daily Mail but no one actually takes the paper seriously apart from you apparently, you are clutching at straws and you are pathetic.

What you say about Israel is a very poor attempt to apologise for state sponsored Murder; Apartheid; Torture and War Crimes, trying to come across as well informed doesn’t wash you are a supporter of evil.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 07/06/10
Once again I am unable to take your comment seriously.

Anonymous said...

Good God!! Your even further to the left than I initially realised. A Socialist Workers Party Muppet, masquerading as a New Labour Councillor?

Even though you self righteously claim to know me as a "Supporter of an evil", let's look at the other side of that coin, and see your beloved Hamas in action. Fully justified Eh? The two sides are now as bad as each other, but the left are politically aligned to support the perceived "underdog" only, and no matter what.

Byeck said...

Kelly @ 11.07

The 'Shot in back of head 2-3 times' quote did come from the same discredited source as 'hundreds wounded,' didn't it, Councillor?

Strikes me you're in sore need of the Guidance for Bloggers booklet, currently available North of the Border. I particularly commend the chapter on 'Honesty.'

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Dazed And Confused) 12:36
What about those poor Cumbrians then you clown. When you write about Israel and come away with the usual weasel words about both sides being as bad as each other it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out what you are.

Anonymous said...

So what am I councillor? I am but intrigued, and as your certainly no rocket scientist, you can answer your own question.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Dazed And Confused) 15:53

Take a leaf out of my book you little quisling and tell the world who and what you are; honestly you will feel better about yourself; that wouldn’t be difficult though would it?

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Councillor: why are you so obsessed with who everyone is and what they do? Does it matter? Surely only the subject of the debate matters.

You've got that typical socialist mentality that everything has to be some kind of fight.

Why? For it is you on the moral highground, therefore your overtly defensive aggression shouldn't be needed. Your superior knowledge will shine through.

Anonymous said...


Your political views have about as much in common with New Labour as mine do. Hell, reading through this blog, your repeated incompetent ramblings lead me to believe you have about as much with OLD Labour as I do. I've never known anybody constantly suggest that the S.N.P. are Neo racists before, and of that your a first.

I would attempt to show empathy toward the Renfrewshire ward that you yourself were elected, but they must be thick as two short planks to wilfully let a moron like you represent them publicly.

Your an outright embarrassment, even to New Labour, not that it would bother you, as your own dye is undoubtedly cast much further to the left than those half wits. No wonder you demonstrate with the far left in all of your Gaza protest palaver. You'll no doubt feel far more ideologically aligned with those erstwhile Comrades.

Wedgie said...

"the most charitable thing one can say is they were not very proficient killers were they?"

And even less proficient 'humanitarian peace activists'.

Anonymous said...

Now I know why I hate the word Socialist

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Wedgie) 08/06/10
And you are clearly not a very proficient liar.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Dazed And Confused) 08/06/10

“I've never known anybody constantly suggest that the S.N.P. are Neo racists before”

You ought to get out more then.

I have been elected 3 times and on the last occasion I was home with my feet up having seen my vote shoot through the roof before any other candidate was declared.
Your observations about the Labour Party are uninformed drivel.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Corrugated Soundbite) 08/06/10

My superior knowledge does indeed shine through that’s why I get elected.

I think that when someone sends me an insulting comment or expresses a very strong contrary opinion to mine they should let people know who they are, I am suspicious of people who do not name themselves.

How can you rant and rave at me and call me all sorts and then not name yourself; maybe it’s because I am from a slightly earlier generation but to me it is one thing only, cowardice!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 09/06/10
It’s because you are afraid to take me on isn’t it? it’s because I’m a socialist and I make you feel inadequate right?

Wedgie said...

Wedgie) 08/06/10
And you are clearly not a very proficient liar.

Eh? What lie did I tell? You'll have to explain. I'm not a brainy Socialist, you know.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Wedgie) 17:42
You implied that the people on the Gaza boat were not peace activists which is IMO a scurrilous lie, now off you go and polish your jackboots.

Wedgie said...

Peace activists do not attack other human beings with with wooden sticks, iron bars or knives. It's that simple, except for Socialists who see no contradiction in 'peace activists' indulging in thuggery.

Anonymous said...

wow. Terry. For someone who has come across your blog by accident for the first time... you seem like an unhinged loon! Are you hoping that no one reads your blog?

Barking Spider said...

If you live on the moral high ground, then God help us all!

Oh wait, you lot don't do God, do you?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 09/06/10
Is this what passes for debate/argument with you? perhaps you could point out what I have written that makes me look like an ‘unhinged loon’

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Meaningless drivel, oerhaps you could try to explain.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Wedgie) 09/06/10
Peace activists; when attacked by commandos with tear gas and high velocity rifles just form a straight line and wait to be shot don’t they?

Anonymous said...

Blogger Cllr Terry Kelly said...

"Meaningless drivel, oerhaps you could try to explain".

My sentiments exactly, and who is it that your directing your own "Meaningless drivel" too?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Dazed And Confused) 13:20
Stop wasting my time where is your argument?