Sunday, June 27, 2010


Ochone! Ochone! Ochone! “Independence is no longer the fulcrum of Scottish politics” So said (the spiv) Salmond; something he could have said years ago but didn’t have the bottle; he reckons that he has softened up and patronised the fundamentalists enough to get away with what a couple of years ago would have got the wee butter knife in his sock and his tartan frock removed in dishonour. He reckons that they lost the stomach for the fight a long time ago; the Renfrewshire Bravehearts like McFee, Mitchel, B Lawson, Nicolson etc. have long since decided to shut up and take the money. The Noons, Mackays, Camerons and Adams of the “Planet Brigadoon” were never more than a pale imitation of their masters in Holyrood like Sturgeon, Swinney, Russell and the “king of the spivs” Salmond. They have never had the courage to even wish for independence that is why the word has become extinct from their vocabulary; they even sit now alongside people like McCartin a woman that they can barely conceal their scorn for but; money talks doesn’t it.

Will anyone of them from “Planet Brigadoon” say anything about this latest and most embarrassing proclamation from the (great spiv) Salmond. He has gone very public in showing his disdain for them; he now very publicly shows his all powerful position and his condescension for the tartan clowns in his party and as usual the Bravehearts” say nothing as they cower before him. Bruce; Jim; Brian; Ian, how are you going to free bonnie Scotland from the hated Engurlish if you can’t find the courage to say something, say anything?

When he (the spiv) dropped the word independence from the last manifesto you did nothing; when he said that Engurlish soldiers would be welcome to keep their Scottish bases under independence you did nothing; when he said there would be no border controls between Scotland and the Engurlish you did nothing; (horror oh the horror) when he said the Queen of Engurland would rule in perpetuity over Bonnie Scotland you shamefully did nothing. The Queen, a woman and an institution you claim to revile and deny legitimacy to; you once refused to stand for or sing her National Anthem or salute her flag which you called “the butcher’s apron” what will you do now? How much more humiliation can you take as “Bonnie Scotland” lies bleeding are you men or “wee sleekit cowering beasties”?

Now's the day, and now's the hour;
Renfrewshire Nats. will run an cower
Independence cannae be,

Let us turn an flee.

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