Sunday, June 27, 2010


Just watched the England V Germany game; in an earlier blog post I said England would definitely not win the trophy but; I confess that I did not expect such a capitulation. I made no secret of the fact that I wanted England to do well but my good wishes withered as I heard their fans booing the German anthem, crass behavior. This German team was young and different looking as they had a couple of black guys and a Turkish/German playing; his name is Ozil and at the age of 21 he looks the complete player already. In the aforementioned blog I mentioned that big tournaments like the World Cup have a history of throwing up stars who were relatively unknown before the tournament (Pele) this guy fits the bill perfectly.

After 20 mns. Germany took the lead through Klose with the kind of goal which, had it been scored by Rooney would have earned high praise for speed; power; strength and great finishing. Unfortunately the churlish commentators concentrated on what they saw as poor defending; ominously for England the Germans had spurned 2 good chances before this one and they scored again soon after this, England pulled one back and were denied a legal goal before the break; by which time the Germans should have had the game wrapped up. We finished up with the completely risible assertion by the TV panel of Hansen, Shearer and co. that all 4 German goals were the result of terrible defending; absolute rot, the Germans won easy and played brilliantly.

The match commentator speculated about how many English players could walk into the German team and he reckoned a couple; he is wrong; there is only one; Rooney when he is on song and in this tournament just like his team mates he stank the place out. England need a good clean out, they need an enema and not many of this bunch will survive; starting with the most overrated one of all Lampard. He stays famous because he scores a spectacular goal every 5 or 6 games with Chelsea where he is surrounded by quality players. The commentators keep telling us that these are top quality premeir league players without mentioning that they are playing alongside guys like Drogba; Deco; Ballack; Torres; Vidic and Fletcher (OK the last one is a bit cheeky) The last goal should be watched over and over to see what I mean about Lampard; he gives the ball away on the German 18 yard line and then starts running back to try to stop the swift counter attack and he keeps watching the ball as if hypnotized while a German player goes past behind him and receives the ball unchallenged and smashes it home; he is out of his depth here.
The bad news for the rest of the world is that this is the youngest German team for decades and they can and will get better, at times in this tournament they have been awesome; with players like Muller; Klose; Podolski and Ozil they will be hard to beat, Ozil in particular is a delight to watch unassuming; fast; strong; brave; great skill and an old head on 21 year old shoulders, remember the name, 'Ozil'

It would be a good time as well for the TV companies to have a similar clean out; Hansen; Shearer and most of the rest of them have got it wrong so often and repeated the same rubbish for so long that the commentary couch is crying out for fresh talent; these guys are an embarrassment.


Anonymous said...

Here's some footage of the half time team talk given by Fabio Capello, where the England players show their true colours.

Gascoigne was International class for England, as on more than one occasion, he all but single handily turned a game on it's head.
However, time and time again Englands new "Messiah" Rooney is little else than "shocking", convincing me that he's either just a pretty average player, or hasn't got the temperament to carry his club form over onto the International stage, all be it in a dreadful team of over rated mediocrity.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Don't Give Up The Day Job) 27/06/10

Gascoine; Mathews; Finney; Lawton; Moore; Greaves; Edwards; Peters; Haynes; Banks etc. and the best player I ever saw Bobby Charlton yes; the English can produce them and they will again. This team are over rated and most of them will disappear but Rooney won’t, he is a natural and a great player who is going through a bad spell; he has problems which I don’t think are on the field although that’s where they manifest themselves.

The arrogant commentators keep telling them they are the best and they play in the best League in the world and the players start to believe it; it’s c**p of all the genuine top class players in the English league only one is world class that’s Rooney the rest of the outstanding players are foreigners.

The two guys who took them apart with such ease Muller and Ozil are 20 and 21 years old respectively, what will they do to them when they are 26 and 27 ? Time to go back to the drawing board and time for a large dose of common sense.