Monday, June 07, 2010


The above lines are spoken in this seminal drama by the original “angry young man” Jimmy Porter played by Richard Burton; who if he were a current character IMO would have found his cause in Palestine.

June 5th. 20 10 1.30 pm. And my first born child Clare and I step down from a bus outside the National Gallery in Princes Street Edinburgh in splendid sunshine. The square beside the N.G. is beginning to fill with the most colourful crowd of vibrant people I have seen for a long time. These people who are arriving in small groups are clearly an exotic bunch as they come from some far flung places such as Greece; Pakistan; Spain; Turkey and places from as far west as Glasgow; Paisley and Greenock. Lots are from Edinburgh of course as well as a large delegation from Leith who are as always ready to explain to you in a comradely fashion of course that that is Leith and not Edinburgh, ken eh?

As is always the case where large crowds gather the obligatory nomadic circus arrives as if by magic with them; buskers; newspaper sellers; ice cream vendors and fast food purveyors are everywhere adding to the growing genial ambience. What binds us collectively is that today we are all honorary Palestinians, people from different political parties; traditional antagonists eye each other cagily as we metaphorically rub shoulders together. One guy whom I had almost come to blows with at a recent election in Paisley Town Centre greeted me silently with a clenched fist salute and what was almost a smile playing on his lips, I of course reciprocated. Friendly Police on beautiful big playful horses with feet like big soup plates keep order as we prepare for the serious business of why we are here albeit in a friendly tone, which is to protest the Israeli slaughter of unarmed civilians who were trying to deliver aid to the besieged residents of the Gaza Strip.

I would not advocate violence against Israel; not because I’m a pacifist or because I am committed to non violence although I respect both positions; but because Israel is one the most heavily armed countries in the world and is on a constant war footing. Backed as it is by the biggest and most powerful military machine in history that of America, Israel is well nigh unbeatable in military terms. The very real fears about what Israel is capable of if facing defeat with its present blood soaked lunatic rulers with their finger on the nuclear trigger are horrifying but they can still be beaten.I have heard people say in the past that there is nothing that can be done against such odds, and I say that those who take that line were not in Edinburgh on Saturday. To be there in support of a just cause in the midst of such fantastic people was an inspiring experience; the strength one takes and the solidarity one feels is intoxicating and yes; it does give you strength to carry on the fight and that; among many other things is what such a demonstration sets out to do and this one did it and then some. I always think of these lines from Wordsworth on the French Revolution when I think of demonstrations and protests being made by ordinary people in their thousands “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven” unfortunately I aint young and I have health issues which mean I am now “cream crackered” but I shall return. I have been at this protesting lark for some time and I know a bit about it even if I do say so myself; to those who say we can’t win let me mention the following.

“Armies cannot stand against an idea whose time has come” (Leon Trotsky) having been a supporter of Palestinian rights and an enemy of Israel’s murderous and vicious Apartheid regime since the 19 60’s I can say that the pressure is building on Israel and it is at a level now that I have never seen before, now therefore is the time to step it up; the “idea whose time has come” is arriving at Israel’s door soon. The following are campaigns which I have been involved in, in my own humble way; they all had one thing in common, we were told in respect of each one that our cause was just but our goal unachievable.

Civil Rights in America – we won; Civil Rights in Ireland – we won; Vietnam – we won; Apartheid in South Africa – we won; Release Mandela – we won; The Poll Tax – we won and we can win freedom for Palestine as well; we can also put a stop to the rogue state of Israel and force it to behave like the rest of the civilized world and we must.

The answer is political pressure and a massive boycott of Israel and everything to do with that country. No more Israeli goods in Britain, no more sporting contact of any kind, no more trade, no more contact in education and science. It’s a long difficult journey but it can be done; you the decent people of the world; you who abhor racism; Apartheid and War crimes can do it; it’s time to play your part.
For those Zionists who claim to speak for the Jewish people and for all Israeli citizens I would like to relate the following delightful encounter. On boarding the train home I spotted 3 guys who had been at the rally one of whom had made a powerful speech and I sat with them. They were from an organisation called "Scottish Jews for a Just Peace" Jewish guys who are opposed to Israel's action and sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians it was a priviledge to meet and talk with them. You could not meet nicer people; they are hated by the Zionist organisations and are called things like 'self hating Jews' and worse but; these guys had a quite honest strength about them and believe me because I've taken on these Zionist characters they need it; my pleasure guys stick with it; you can hold your heads high.

This clourful looking wee guy wins the most original placard award for highlighting the stupidity of the blockade. The plant and the coloured word at the bottom is coriander which is banned from Gaza; honest it is.

The square at the National Gallery starts to fill up; can't you feel the excitement.

Young fit daughter Clare manages to leave the march dodge the Police officers; the Police horses and cars to take this from a vantage point across from the route; then make her way back to the crowd.


Anonymous said...


Terry the Liberator rises from Sofa and proclaims.. Enough!!

Is that a MOSSAD hit man lurking in the doorway of Jenners or Mrs Terry getting her buy one get one frees in the strife torn streets of Edinburgh.

Byeck said...

While you were out supporting - in a non violent way - those who believe genocide is the answer to Israel, John McDonnell, candidate to lead your party, said he regretted not assassinating Mrs Thatcher.

Another funny joke Councillor, in the great tradition of Liam Byrnes 'There's no money left?'

The man is scum and should be kicked out of the party let alone be aiming to lead it.

Anonymous said...

'We won in S Africa.'

Is S Africa a better, safer place now than it was under Apartheid? Is Zimbabwe, really better under Mugabe than it was under Ian Smith?

Do you think, perhaps, the ordinary folk in these places might prefer them 'as was' rather than have the corrupt thieves currently in charge, starving them to death?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 07/06/10
Israel has a great many apologists for its crimes doesn’t it? and quite a lot of useful idiots as well.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 07/06/10
What you say might have some currency if both these men actually made serious remarks; alas those who genuinely believe them to be serious are really to be pitied.

The Hitler supporting Daily Mail knows that there is a gullible readership of useful idiots out there; that’s why they continue to print such blatant tosh.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 07/06/10
Even Racist malcontents are entitled to their opinion; I am always willing within reason to give people like you the chance to humiliate yourself as well as reminding readers that there still a lot of stones with rodents like you lurking under them.

Anonymous said...

So, can we assume that you really do believe S Africa and Zimbabwe are better now than they were?

Guess the thousands of Matabele, slaughtered by Mugabes Cubans and the hundreds of S Africans, necklaced with burning tyres by Mandela supporters would disagree, but, you're entitled to your opinion, Councillor

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I don't much care for what racist goons like you assume.

You were driven out of S.A. and you will be meet the same fate everywhere else because you run away when the field is even, you are cowards some of you don't even have the bottle to use their name.

David Duff said...

"Hamas's security forces were raiding several non-governmental organizations in the Gaza Strip and seizing their equipment. According to the Jerusalem Post,

After conducting a thorough search of the offices of the organizations….Hamas security agents confiscated files, documents, computers, fax machines and other equipment.

The agents also informed the managers and workers of the organizations of the Hamas government's decision to close them down indefinitely.

They did not provide any reasons behind this decision.

Maybe Hamas failed to provide a justification because it was too busy shutting down other human rights groups in Gaza. The day after Hamas destroyed the operations of groups such as the Sharik Youth Institution, Bonat Al-Mustaqbal (Future Builders) Society, the South Society for Women's Health, and the Women and Children Society it "stormed the offices of another two NGOs, the Palestinian Mini Parliament and the National Reconciliation Committee. They confiscated the keys to their doors and ordered them closed."

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David Duff) 16:37

So that’s how Hamas went about winning such a decisive democratic electoral victory then; we must try that here.

David have you the remotest idea just how bloody stupid you sound; it will take time to enlighten all the useful idiots who swallow Israel’s lies but we must keep trying.

Why no comment about recent events are you one of those experienced observers who just absolutely knows that sticks and metal bars and knives are far superior to Tear gas, high velocity rifles and side arms; you really can’t get much more stupid can you? can you David? David!

Byeck said...

Blaming the media for reporting the 'jokes, rather than the idiots who told them?

Shooting the messenger again...typical!

David Duff said...

So it's not true that HAMAS closed down half a dozen NGOs, then?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 08/06/10
The idiots are those who try to suggest that the MP actually meant he wanted to “kill Thatcher” a desperate and stupid position for anyone to put themselves in even by your standards.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David Duff) 09:23
I really don’t know or care; what I do know though is that they are the democratically elected Government of the Gaza Strip no matter what Israeli/American propaganda is directed against them they continue to enjoy solid support. Would you like to try explaining why?

Byeck said...

McDonnell's 'kill Thatcher,' quote doesn't qualify as either desperate or stupid, in your book then?

Terry, with this clown standing for Leader and Harman insisting on a 50% women Shadow Cabinet, regardless of ability, who says Labour dont have sense of humour!

David Duff said...

You "don't care" that HAMAS smashed up and shut down 6 NGOs doing good works in Gaza? Fascinating!

You ask why HAMAS continues to keep support. This might explain why any opposition might be, shall we say, discreet:

"Hamas police wielding clubs beat and pushed residents out of dozens of homes in the southern Gaza town of Rafah on Sunday before knocking the buildings down with bulldozers, residents said.

Gaza's militant Hamas rulers said the homes were built illegally on government land. Newly homeless residents were furious over Palestinians on bulldozers razing Palestinian homes.

For years, Palestinians have criticized Israel for destroying houses, mostly because they were built without permits issued by the military. Now, Rafah residents complained, their own government, run by the Islamic militant Hamas that seized power in Gaza in July 2007, has done the same.

"They promised reform and change — instead they've destroyed our homes," shouted Miasar Gan, a 54-year-old woman. Gan said she and her husband had nowhere else to go.

"seized power"? Tell me it ain't so! The Arab News must have that wrong, surely, Councillor.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Byeck) 13:13

Concentrate now; those who regard McDonnell’s quote as serious qualify as either desperate or stupid or in your case both; how many times man FFS.

You of all people should not call anyone a clown; let me tell you what Harriet is doing because it’s clearly way over your head. She is flying a kite in the knowledge that she will not get through her 50% quota what she hopes to do is focus people’s minds on the under representation of women in the cabinet and politics in general and; in that way increase women’s numbers in the shadow cabinet; do you ever consider paying me for this stuff?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David Duff) 14:24
I don’t really believe that you are that naive; that makes you a liar.

Hamas fought a bloody civil war in Gaza against Fata and the Israeli Govt. has used them as an excuse for their crimes ever since. The homes you refer to were built because the Israeli occupiers gave their permission for them to be built; Hamas would quite rightly see that as a provocation. This is a wee bit more complicated than the Israeli crap that you swallow so easily would have you believe.

David Duff said...

"Israeli crap"

Blimey, those crafty Jews get everywhere, don't they, Councillor?

Er, the quote I gave you, complete with link, was from the 'Arab News' which is Saudi owned and based.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David Duff) 09/06/10
I didn’t mention Jews to you what are you getting at?

David Duff said...

"I didn’t mention Jews to you what are you getting at?"

After my quotation from a report concerning HAMAS tearing down the houses of Palestinians you wrote:

"the Israeli crap that you swallow"

I then pointed out, in effect, that it was not "Israeli crap" but Saudi crap, if indeed it was crap at all. Given that it was an Arab report I thought you might have given it more credence. Alas, I am forced to come to the conclusion that any report from any source which conflicts with your, er, world view is dismissed as crap.

Oddly enough, I have just finished reading an essay on the subject of an experiment carried out back in the '60s in which a psychiatrist place three men in a closed ward for a period all of whom were convinced they were Jesus Christ. I don't know why, but I thought of you. If you're curious you can read about it here:

Oh, I've just remembered, curiosity is not one of your virtues, is it?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David Duff) 12:38
“"the Israeli crap that you swallow"

What does the above have to do with Jews? Please explain yourself.

David Duff said...

The last time I looked the ruling parties, the administration, the armed services and the government of Israel was in the hands of Jews.

Please, Councillor, don't tell me they're Martians!

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David Duff) 16:35
Israel is a secular state you moron why do you find it necessary to mention Jews? The institutions you refer to are in the hands of Israelis Jewish has nothing to do with it. Can you! explain yourself and what you mean by the phrase "in the hands of Jews"

David Duff said...

My life already, I never knew Glaswegian education was this bad!

"The Jews (Hebrew: יְהוּדִים‎), also known as the Jewish people, are a nation and ethnoreligious group originating in the Israelites or Hebrews of the Ancient Near East. The Jewish ethnicity, nationality, and religion are strongly interrelated, as Judaism is the traditional faith of the Jewish nation."

"Israel, the Jewish nation-state, is the only country in which Jews make up a majority of the citizens.[81][82] Israel was established as an independent democratic state on May 14, 1948."

Now what is it about the word 'Jews' and their relationship to teh state of Israel that you still fail to understand, Councillor?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David Duff) 10/06/10

“The Jewish people are a nation”

Ignorant nonsense. They are no more a staet than catholics and protestants are a state.

You clearly don’t have a grasp of this; Israel is not a Jewish State it is a secular state with a majority population of Jews, not the same thing at all.

You still haven’t explained your remark about “those Jews and Israel” what did you mean. Should British; American; French; Russian Jews Etc. all have dual passports if as you say “the Jewish people, are a nation”
Have another try.

David Duff said...

Should the descendents of all those Scottish highlanders who fled to America have British passports?

A Jew is a Jew where-ever he is but in Israel he is in a majority.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(David Duff) 13:49
Majority Shmajority there is no such thing as a Jewish State.