Thursday, June 10, 2010


At the foot of my post titled “there aren’t any good causes left” etc. you can see the picture of the little guy sitting serenely with his wee homemade cardboard placard stating “Gazans need coriander” with the plant itself stapled to the board it was a non dangerous limb of the plant he assured everyone. . It was a simple and quite devastating example of how to humiliate a bully even a bully as big as Israel, he peacefully and coolly made Israel look irrational and petty by highlighting the fact that coriander was banned from entering the Gaza Strip. It’s bizarre is it not that Israel as well as committing war crimes and callously inflicting collective punishment on a whole population should be so bloody gross and stupid as to do such things. I doubt if there was much chance of the thugs and goons who govern Israeli actually seeing this fellow’s eloquent and stinging protest but today Israel loosened its barbaric blockade on Gaza and one of the perilous and security threatening items allowed back in was guess what? Coriander of course; you could not make this up; you just couldn’t, Israel is not only reviled for it’s cruelty but now it’s ridiculed for it’s idiocy.

So today the Israeli State wants us to see that Israel is a good law abiding member of the international community. A decent; nay; exemplary society, generous and peaceful right? After 3 years of a siege on Gaza they have made the magnificent gesture of allowing Gazans to buy Corianda, as discussed; hazardous Boiled sweets, security threatening potato chips, mistrustful looking cookies, threatening spices and Soda yes honestly they are even taking the risk of Soda being allowed in as well as shaving cream. Soda and shaving cream! how volatile could that prove to be, momentous decisions right enough the foundations of the Israeli State must be trembling.

Perhaps we are being allowed by accident to have a glimpse at the mindset of the rulers of Israel and how vindictive and petty they really are perhaps they think that this will in some way lessen the revulsion that the world experienced when they assassinated those people on the Gaza Boat; I reckon that they are now so out of touch with reality that such thoughts might seem rational to them. What they will do though is continue the blockade and they will continue to persecute and humiliate the Palestinians of Gaza and the violence that they seek will erupt again and they can then portray the people of the Gaza Strip as thugs and terrorists. The civilized world knows this but they still let them away with it; surely it’s time to put a stop to it.


Anonymous said...


I am launching a campaign today. It's called 'STOP THE PLAIGERISM'

It's mainly directed at people who blog but dont have the ability or skill to write their own stuff. So they lift it from other blog sites and don't attribute the source to the real authors. Sometimes they lift it wholesale, other times they take chunks of it and rework it so that it looks like an original piece.

I am sure as an individual with strong moral beliefs regarding fairness and justice, you will support us in our efforts to wipe out the lazy thiefs who steal other peoples work.

Please say you will.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 10/06/10
You sound very clever and very upright; I’m impressed already. Give me your definition of plagiarism and some examples and I will consider your request.