Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The above meeting produced an unexpected gem from serial blunderer; the hapless and completely off the wall Cllr. Irene McCartin Libdem Collaborator with the SNP; the Tories and anyone else who will offer her money and a position that she can swank about in; in this case a convenership.

During an argument about empowering people I called the administration’s boasts about bringing power and democracy to the people in the shape of the Local Area committees a fraud and a charade. What happens at these farcical meetings is the public attend as delegates from varied community organisations; a good idea surely? In essence yes but; what happens here is the members of the public come along have their say and that’s it; that’s their lot I’m afraid; all decisions are taken by councillors who are the only ones allowed to vote. No matter how just your cause; how eloquent your argument; how much support your fellow delegates give you, the elected councillors can and do vote against you and you are completely impotent; despite being invited by these charlatans to come along and join in the democratic process. It gets even shoddier; we recently discovered from Council Leader Mackay SNP that the SNP Libdem Cllrs. meet beforehand to decide which items they will ram through, the recently enfranchised and empowered members of the public needless to say don’t get to attend this meeting let alone vote; this is a cynical SNP / Libdem farce. I asked in as pointed a way as I could if one of them could give me any other example of democracy (their word) where people are not allowed to vote but; answer came there none, their attitude to the general public is one of utter disdain.

But; back to big chief McCartin; she launched into an attack on me composed of what she chose to call my lack of understanding of how Democracy works; according to her I “did not understand democracy” I had had my say on this debate and could not come back in but; I can’t let the insult go. Cllr. McCartin comes into the category of someone whom you would never allow to get the better of you; the ignominy would be too much to take so here is my answer.

I find it preposterous and not a little disingenuous to be accused of not understanding how democracy works by someone who’s version of democracy allows her to sit as a member of a ruling administration when her Party won 4 out of 40 seats; her Party came 3 rd. out of 4 and they had the lowest share of the popular vote. She is perfectly cosy shaping the lives of the people of Renfrewshire and taking the money despite her and her Party being absolutely rejected and humiliated at the council election. Her National Party Libdem colleagues are doing exactly the same at Westminster supported by her; more somersaults were done in Westminster today by the Libdem liars than you would see at the Olympic Gymnastics Tournament.

Trotting out the same old excuse as some of her detractors do that she is too dense to grasp politics and is ignorant and arrogant to a huge degree does not cut it; she is an affront to politics and a toe curling embarrassment; if ever anyone deserved a hammering from the voters it is her and her squalid colleagues and; I think it is coming to them; first at Holyrood then at the Local elections; bring it on! Do yourselves a favour; go along to a full Council meeting and see her for yourself; don’t take my word for it; I’m happy for you to make up your own minds or; you could try asking the parents of the children who have lost their school buses or those who are losing their swimming pools; they too have had the experience of dealing with her; suffice to say the money her parents spent on the Swiss Finishing School was a waste.


Anonymous said...

Ehhemm councillor wasnt the Lib Dems in coalition with Labour at Scot Parl and currently propping up Labour councils as we speak?

so you are saying that Labour WILL NEVER enter a coalition with the Lib Dems in Renfrewshire?

And if they do it will be without you??

where's my hanky i cant stop laughing and the thicko mentality on show here.

Ronnie said...

It is clear that after being in power for 27 years you are unable to handle being in opposition after the people of Renfrewshire kicked you out.

Making gross personal attacks is the only contribution that seem to be able to make.

Sour grapes pour from your mouth every time it opens and the funny thing is that you don't see it but let me tell you that the majority of people do.

The new administration inherited an ungodly financial mess from Labour in Renfrewshire and it is to their credit that they have managed to acheive so much in 3 years considering Labour's financial bungling and wastage.

There are many signs that Paisley is turning a corner and the dark days of Labour running the town down may soon be over.

For those of us who pay our council tax and contribute to Renfrewshire, it has been a massive relief to have had 3 years without any increase on this tax which can be as much as or more than your mortgage payment due to continual gross rises imposed by Labour.

Many people recognise this and know that if Labour get back in they will be faced with massive council tax rises again as that is the Labour way. Tax and spend or throw it away I should say.

Do you honestly think that they are going to give their vote to the Labour party that gave away a stockpile of free computers to Ferguslie and Shortroods and hiked up our council tax to pay for it.

Get real Terry. Labour have no hope at the next local election. People have longer memories than you think. Why don't you get a proper job instead of spending your day typing inane, semi-illiterate rantings that show you up as the bitter and twisted person that you are.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

“the people of Renfrewshire kicked you out”

If that is the case what did the people of Renfrewshire do to the SNP who got the same number of seats and less of the popular vote than Labour? and more to the point what did the people of Renfrewshire do to the Libdems who won 4 seats out of 40 to Labour’s 17 and came in last in the popular vote.

The new administration which is now over 3 years old is asking people to consider paying more Council Tax because of the mess they are in; this is what we predicted when they conned the likes of you with a Council Tax freeze.
You are clearly not up to this are you?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 09:53

You have a rather strange attitude to the Libdems; you inadvertently make my case for me; as you rightly say they are in coalition with Labour but; what do you think of the fact that they are in coalition also with the Tories and the SNP dose that not suggest something about them to you?

For my part I would find it impossible to cooperate with a party who can happily join up literally with anyone; they are a bunch of Harlots; completely untrustworthy and ready to be bought by anyone no matter what policies the buyer has. They believe in nothing and they stand for nothing; they have the contempt of all other parties and they deserve it; you are welcome to them.

Anonymous said...


not quite the answer to the question in the first post is it? for the avoidance of doubt here it is again. Are you going to answer it or just continue to sidestep every awkward truth that lands on your path to oblivion.

"so you are saying that Labour WILL NEVER enter a coalition with the Lib Dems in Renfrewshire?

And if they do it will be without you??

Anonymous said...

Dont worry Terry. I doubt that the abuse you and your wee group dish out to female councillors has been missed.

You belong to a wee group of bullies and neds that still think its okay to attack women.

what do think the chances are of your wee playground gang forming a coalition with a 75% female lib dem group, given the thuggery and bullying the Labour knuckledraggers dish out to them?

Pray tell.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 23/06/10

I have heard this c**p before from Mackay he would love to suggest that Eileen McCartin is being picked on.

His big problem here is that the shrinking violet Eileen has been a councillor for years and years and any attempt to portray her as a victim provokes derision. Quite simply too many people know her and know what kind of character she is.

She has bullied; barged and insulted her way through Renfrewshire Council since day one, she is the least sympathetic person I know and she is also the person least deserving of sympathy of any person I know.

As far as her forming a coalition is concerned; you are well wide of the mark she would join the devil if he offered her money and a position; she and the rest of the Libdems have already proved that. I can’t think of anyone in politics in over 40 years who is less of a victim than this awful woman.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 23/06/10

I thought I made my position quite clear; I never said that Labour would never join a coalition with the Libdems in Renfrewshire; I don’t speak for the Party on my blog that is stated on the front.

I assume you are trying to get me to say I would resign from the Party if they did but you are not quite as clever as you think we have already been in coalition with them and I am still here.

If the possibility came up I would be vehemently opposed to it as I was before but I would stay because I am not going to quit certainly not over that mob. I would continue the fight against people like the Libdems whether they are our partners or not; whether or not they are in partnership with anyone does not alter the fact that they are the lowest of the low.

Anonymous said...

why dont you pick on someone your own size?? Oh thats right would be hard to find someone as big as you!!

Anonymous said...

Are Labour not in partnership with the Tories in Inverclyde?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 07:16
The composition of the ruling group is 1 Independent 8 Labour and 1 Tory – The rest is 1 independent 4 Libdems and 5 SNP. Not something I agree with; Labour members are clearly prepared to put up with this rather than let the SNP/Libdems control the Council but I would rather chew my own arm off than sit round a table with any Tory.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this right.

Are Labour in administration with the Tories in Inverclyde?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I assume you missed my last comment on this; go and read it.

Ronnie said...

I have it on very good authority that after the last local election, Labour met with the Lib Dems with a view to forming an administration but the Lib Dems wouldn't touch them with a bargepole.

Sound a lot like another outpouring of the the old sour grapes.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Ronnie) 13:19
Your very good authority is telling you lies; the reason she plumped for the SNP is because Labour would not accede to her arrogant demands.

The SNP’s wet behind the ears leader ‘the boay Mackay’ would have sold his family into slavery to gain power and McCartin although as thick as a ‘docker’s butty’ is not without a certain amount of instinctive ‘rat like cunning’ she spotted his weakness a mile away; she used ‘the boay’ like a puppet.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but who would believe anything that you said Terry.

You are a comic character with no credence amongst anyone, except for the people that you buy off to appear at council meetings to make absolute idiots of themselves.

Where do you get them? Is it "Sparkled People For Rent Ltd"

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

(Anonymous) 25/06/10
Yes; of course it’s all a big conspiracy isn’t it; you and the rest of the SNP clowns know what’s coming don’t you; the General Election should have given you a hint.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Kelly

I have had the misfortune of having to deal with Cllr McCartin on a local issue. I have never met such an arrogant, ignorant and ill educated individual. It is of real concern that such an individual is in a position to make decisions on behalf of others.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...


Your description matches that of most people who have had the misfortune of dealing with her. Ask the parents of children who are losing school transport: people losing swimming pools: libraries: childrens music tuition: teachers losing jobs etc. etc. lots of them have now met her at meetings. she is the coldest: cruellest: most un-Christian character I have come across in 45 years in politics.
Her present position of prominence at least exposes her to far more people who mostly take the same view as you: that can only be a good thing when they go to the polls.