Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The last refuge of the "tartanshirt" scoundrels that is social media still contains some of the shell shocked 'useful idiots' who bought salmond's lies. Their rage is strong and their hatred is palpable as they stammer out their loud-mouthed defiance. It must be difficult for some NO campaigners not to feel a pang of sympathy for them but, not for me. They are behaving in defeat exactly as they did in the campaign, shamefully. The lies, abuse, and belligerence continues as the predictable and wretched cries of "we were cheated" ring out and the world looks on askance as they humiliate Scotland with their grotesque reactions to the clear, decisive and richly deserved defeat. Can anyone recall the Labour Party accusing the snp of cheating when they won in 2011?. Did Labour call for a rerun?, did Labour try to declare themselves as winners despite losing?, did Labour accuse the snp voters of being tricked?. One victory for the snp in a referendum would see the end of all elections, there is now no doubt of that.  

The NO campaign was always IMO going to win but two things happened to our advantage as polling day approached, these two things were connected and they were catastrophic for the separatists. The first happened because they were becoming aggravated at their lack of growth in support and they made what turned out to be the biggest blunder of the campaign. They decided to take a chance on fear, they turned to negativity and in doing so they chose to use the most emotional and provocative of all subjects, the Scottish NHS. They deliberately started scaring the old and defenceless, the parents of young children with serious and chronic conditions and those for whom the NHS is a constant comfort blanket in their lives.

Battle commenced immediately on this volatile issue and this led to the second catastrophic event to hit the snp in the campaign, this was the angry intervention of the man who is still by far the biggest political beast in the UK Gordon Brown, and he was not pleased. Overnight he became the story and the separatists were immediately in a panic as he cut a swathe through their lies and shabby deceitful tactics. With 3 weeks to go the 'Scottish Lion Roared' and the whole of Scotland listened and so did the UK as he went on a rampage across the country galvanising the NO campaign, crushing our opponents and steadying the ship containing the 'silent majority. From the point that he intervened the yes campaign were bound to lose, all the big hitters on the NO side tactfully stepped aside as 'big Gordy' shook salmond and the yes campaigners warmly by the throat. there is nothing in UK politics more guaranteed to strike terror in to an opposition than the approach of Gordon Brown when he is 'ready to rumble' and so it proved as he delivered the result with a little help from salmond and the snp whose bottle crashed at a crucial time. All thanks to Gordon Brown. He clearly has a huge part to play in politics, possibly Scottish politics if he wants to meet the challenge, I hope he does.    


Anonymous said...

52,000 strong snp membership and building.

Your involvement with the Tories and your BNP thuggery is going to haunt you you bitter decrepit dinosaur.
That description applies to you and your party.

At the next genaral election there will be more green party MP's than labour. You blew the last chance you had to be a continuing force in scottish politics.

now you will merely be the continuing farce in scottish politics.

RIP Scottish labour, 18th Sept 2014 is the day you died.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...Tuesday, September 23, 2014 12:59:00 pm

52,ooo clowns like you who don't have the courage to put their name to a comment?, should I start to worry?. I have it on good authority that the real number is 52 million.

Anonymous said...

You say that their hatred is palpable - that makes them the same as you since your hatred for SNP & Alec Salmond is most definitely palpable. Hatred is such a negative emotion - I dasagree some people (including you most of the time) but I don't hate you

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

This is palpable sanctimonious drivel.

MacSkroinkie said...

75,000 members for the SNP-overtaking the Libdems whole uk membership by a large margin.

It takes an utterly despicable idiot such as yourself to call people from Scotland 'clowns' because they may choose to join a political party that isn't labour and boy do we know why the no vote led to a DECREASE in labour membership when you see the lack of quality on display from leaders to jumped up little brit mentality people such as yourself.

Your profile picture speaks a thousand words.

Looking forward to seeing labour's tory supporting duplicity and lies about NHS privatisation and their pathetic daily rectum 'vow' now reduced by Gordon browns lack of foresight and desperation to a 'petition' lead to a phenomenal wipeout in the 2015 westminster elections, especially in Glasgow who have awakened politically.

Your tired rubbishing of people engaged in politics who aren't as inept and socially inadequate as yourself is desperate bawbaggery, as are your pitiful attempts to denigrate people for not being as thick as you are.


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

MacSkroinkie said...Saturday, October 04, 2014 10:32:00 am

The German Nazi party had 8 million members Mr. MacSkroinkie!.

And the team who won by more than 10% of the vote actually lost then did they?. You have clearly learned nothing from the referendum. We are now having fun "bayoneting" the wounded and it sounds as if a lot of them sustained serious head wounds.

MacSkroinkie said...

I have no idea what your nonsensical reply meant, or whom this gibberish you erroneously believe is prose is actually directed at.

Your subliminal reference to nazis is telling, as is your constant reference to your nazi heroes.

Your picture speaks volumes, you look like the way you behave and it ain't pretty.

I am utterly amazed someone of your limitations is allowed out in public, let alone represent the public......calling your constituents nazis is like you, not big and not clever.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

MacSkroinkie said...Wednesday, October 08, 2014 1:22:00 pm.

"Your subliminal reference to nazis is telling"

Nothing subliminal about it Mr. MacSkroinkie, you are boasting about 75,000 members and I am pointing out that the Nazi party had 8 million members and that turned out well didn't it.

"your constant reference to your Nazi heroes"

On the contrary, when Hitler was getting ready to attack Britain the snp were campaigning to get young Scotsmen not to oppose him and the Nazis, you seem confused.

It looks like you recognised yourself in my "prose" didn't you?.

haggis said...

Sir you are breathtaking in your constant comparing the Scottish political membership of a particular party to er Hitler and the membership of his party. The relevance of this is obscure to say the least.
The bulk of the members in Germany were due to fear and/or self interest. Perhaps you can see the where the confusion lies.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

I am not to blame for your inability to understand a rather obvious point.

MacSkroinkie said...

I believe I used the example of the "hitler supporting daily mail" (a newspaper so right wing it makes nigel farage look like Kier Hardie) and the fact that Labour's kesla dugdale and jim murphy contributed poorly written whinging articles for that aforementioned rag that pretends to be a newspaper.

Censorship eh?

Your comments are like the observations of a not well liked belligerent child trying to show off to the class.

I am astonished you are payed by the public purse as a councillor with this plethora of narrow-minded offensive views you have displayed about many of your constituents.

These are people you should have more respect for even if labour are going to get rogered silly at the uk general elections in 2015 as folk such as yourself will certainly need to start popping on your union jack pampers in preparation for a right gubbing by the electorate, especially in Glasgow, and a well deserved one too.


Cllr Terry Kelly said...

MacSkronkie said. Wednesday, October 15, 2014 9:05:00 pm

This is less abusive and drunken than your previous attempt but it’s still pretty awful. Hitler enjoyed the support of the snp and the Daily Mail and you are one of them!.

“Censorship eh?”

If refusing to print the foul mouthed, racist abuse of a right wing cretin is a crime then I plead guilty. As far as my constituents are concerned, I represent them without fear or favour that is why I have won 4 straight victories at the ballot box, I do not insult those who do not vote for me for example as salmond sturgeon and the snp do.

As far as Labour getting a “right gubbing” is concerned, I think we have heard a lot worse than this from you and people like you recently and it all stopped on September 19Th. 20 14.