Thursday, September 04, 2014


A shocking example of the kind of people who populate the snp was captured on TV on Tuesday morning. In a referendum programme from Dundee billed as an opportunity to change the minds of those voters who are undecided.  The audience were divided in to three groups, no, yes and undecided. The latter group were expected to say at the end whether anyone had gone from ‘don’t know’ to being decided. What followed left even the most deceitful yes campaigners stunned, a guy said he had been persuaded by the arguments to go from No to yes, he was obviously enjoying the camera so much that he rambled on a bit and ended up saying he voted yes by post the day before the TV programme!, cue uneasy quiet and toe curling shame for the yes camp. The horrified looks on the faces of the snp gang behind him caught on camera told their own story, two of them, Denis Canavan and Shona Robison looked as if they were frantically trying to locate the nearest exits. Funny?, well, yes in a kind of painful way for the snp as the smiles quickly wore off and people started to be aware of what  they had just witnessed. They quickly realised that the yes camp had actually planted this guy as a convert to the yes cause in the ‘don’t knows section’!, and the looks on the faces of the audience and the woman chairing the meeting all clearly thought the same. The yes people, some of whom obviously were not in on this latest snp fraud stood around looking at each other hoping for a hint of what to do but there was none, all they could do was shrug their shoulders, bow their heads and exit  a.s.a.p. I advise everyone to search for this and have a look, here was proof positive if any more was needed that the snp are running continually on lies and cheating, they truly are beneath contempt.  

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