Friday, September 19, 2014


"all political careers end in  failure" (Enoch Powell). If there was ever a political career that deserved to end in failure it is that of alex salmond. Make no mistake about it the announcement of his resignation represents an ignominious failure. With apologies to TS Elliot, "he goes out not with a bang but with a whimper”. His one political goal in life was independence, it was 'thee' single issue, his ‘raison d'etre’, and he has failed to deliver it despite being snp leader during a 20 year build up to this moment. The hatred also that he has created among the Scottish people will take decades to fade if indeed it ever does and it will be his legacy.

The defeat in yesterday’s referendum was decisive and unequivocal and certainly robust enough to settle the matter for at least one if not more generations and that will negate the success he claims of getting 1. 6 million Scots to vote for independence. The profile of those who supported the yes campaign is such that it excludes huge swathes of the population and draws heavily on the poorest areas, without salmond and without a chance of another referendum in the near future that momentum will be lost. All that has really happened is that people who do not normally engage in politics through no fault of their own will now drift away. They have been rallied by dangerous rhetoric based on grievance against our neighbours in England who have been identified as the enemy and seduced by uncosted promises of a better tomorrow, a tactic which, as we know has been used before as a cruel deceit by dishonest charlatans. Everything that the separatists could have hoped for has happened and helped to gain that momentum and it was still nowhere near enough.
His leaving also leaves a huge gap at the top of the snp and, the man responsible for this is salmond himself. He has methodically and cynically over the years created a leadership structure which makes him look good because, quite frankly, those promoted by him are pedestrian in the extreme. Neil, Russell, Swinney, Hislop, Constance, McKay etc. lack gravitas and intellectual rigour. Perversely enough Nicola Sturgeon who will start as favourite to succeed him is the most high profile and over promoted one of all and is simply not credible as a First Minister. He ‘salmond’ has thus presided over a rise in political representation for the snp, gained control of Holyrood and delivered a referendum while at the same time leading them in to a very vulnerable position if they lost the referendum which they did and if he goes and he is going.

Casting a very large shadow over all of this is Gordon Brown. There is growing speculation that he might be eyeing a seat at Holyrood and he is still the biggest political hitter in the UK as was demonstrated this week with his explosive intervention in the referendum which helped to consolidate the NO vote and gave the whole campaign a huge lift. The personal abuse used by the most mild mannered snp supporters toward Gordon Brown is a clear indication of how much they fear him. The fillip that Brown’s presence and possibly Alastair Darling’s as well would give the Scottish Parliament would be difficult to overestimate. And the boost to Labour’s electoral appeal would be massive. Interesting times ahead.             


Anonymous said...

R u for real?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Yes I'm for real, is this what passes for debate with you?. Is it any wonder you lost?.

Anonymous said...

Scotland will now have extra devolved powers that they would never have had unless the powers that be at Westminster not collapsed at the last minute and caved in offering things that would never happened unless the independence vote had gained such support.

Their backsides caved in in when they seen such a gathering support for independence that it was actually hugely funny when they came up with this offer and Tories/Labour and Lib Dems United.

The vote may have been constrived as a failure but it in the overall it can be seen as a monumental success as to have forced Westminster to devolve much more control to Scotland than they ever had before.
Even a Pea-Brained idiot such as yourself must see this but perhaps I give you too much credit.
But then I look at the flag burning unionists in Glasgow who assaulted a young girl to take her Saltire off of her and then proceeded in all sorts of violence it should not surprise me.


Anonymous said...

reflect on what you won sir, you won the right to have tory governance, in all likelihood with ukip support.
but most of all you won the right to keep the impoverished poor. but that's the labour way, sir, wealthy people dont vote labour.

Now sit back and watch the pigs at the trough devour Scotland. To the victor go the spoils.
You are old and decrepit you will never see what your traitorous actions have done to your country and your grandchildren.

well done sir well done indeed.

Ewen said...

Yeah we lost but we are not beaten.
Were you celebrating in George square, Terry?
Waving your union Jack with rest of the brit nats whilst attacking kids.
Do you condone surrounding a wee lassie on the ground and ripping her saltire off her. Those thugs are part of your no victory.

MacSkroinkie said...

He isn't real and he isn't in the real world..........labour are hardly going to fool Glasgow again are they, they failed to do so in the referendum and this is about trust.........Glasgow said Yes, though the clown councillor can't admit that.........

I think that many of my friends. Yes and no saw the nasty side of unionism in George square, arrests and idiocy by unionists, all goggleable.........all over Facebook and shared with our disgusted no friends........any Murray says he supported Yes and almost immediately some unionist piece of dirt tells him he should have "died in Dunblane" and terry the councillor told people here that Independence was nowhere near 45% and that's cos he makes his push up as he goes along.

Scaring pensioners.........having the British state threaten us and get Asda to threaten us........newspapers against us almost 100% and yet 45% to 55% .........losing the trust of Glasgow is magic.........I for one cannot wait to see the false promises from Westminster arses descend to the usual squabbling.......roll on 2015 and SNP membership now at 34,000..........labour's membership in decline.

The state of you in your picture is hilarious by the way, you just look like one of those infamous George Square bigots......Union Jack ahoy burning saltires and battering lassies.....

Anonymous said...

Any comments regarding your fan club rioting in George Square?

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...Monday, September 22, 2014 7:28:00 am.

Riots are generally bad, you 'tartanshirt' thugs should know that more than anyone.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

MacSkroinkie said...Sunday, September 21, 2014 3:27:00 pm.

Try to remember that it's "not the winning that counts it's the taking part".

Look at the positives, you people can now retire back to your caves and polish up your jackboots and iron your 'tartanshirts'.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Ewen Cameron said...Sunday, September 21, 2014 12:49:00 pm.

Lets face it you were never going to frighten this mob were you?. You have been charging around like storm-troopers for months and when you are confronted by a mob who are your mirror image you bottle it, if it wasn't for the flags you would not have known which side was which. This is where salmond's campaign of hatred was always heading and you are the guilty ones.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Anonymous said...Sunday, September 21, 2014 6:28:00 am.

What we have done is stood up to the snp neo fascists and anti English racists and I am proud of that.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

Alan - Saturday, September 20, 2014 9:39:00 pm.

As a grovelling acceptance of defeat that's not bad.Alan

For my part I have waited a long time to stop the snp march to a fascist state and helped to end the career of the most obnoxious and dishonest politician of my lifetime alex salmond. I am very happy.

MacSkroinkie said...

Too feart to admit anything about Andy Murray being threatened by someone just like you, or the clowns beating up kids now that they have won their union they crawl out from under rocks to shout at people in Scotland uttering sectarian and bigoted triumphalism of the british state you support and you are the same as them.

Talking through your arse won't save labour in Glasgow and it won't save the labour party, tories in a red blouse inclusive of yourself........

Your picture speaks a thousand words, the ugly face of unionism.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...

MacSkroinkie said...Monday, September 22, 2014 7:16:00 pm.

Gangs of British Blackshirt fascists and gangs of Scottish Tartanshirt fascists fighting in the streets. Not a pretty sight is it?.